Flare 2016 r2 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1055F  Product: Flare   Version: 2016 r2


The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are fixed in Flare 2016 r2.

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111721 "delete stale file" option when importing does not "automatically" delete a file when renamed Documentation
115528 Documentation does not indicate Contribution templates must be saved in the Contribution Templates folder to appear in the Templates view Documentation
117972 Typo in callout in Adding Concepts topic Documentation
118981 Incorrect Outlook Compatibility in Online Help for Review Packages Documentation
119383 Grammatical Error in About Find and Replace online help topic. Documentation
118596 LaTeX arrays display ampersand when inserted into equation editor Equations
118598 LaTeX matrix displays ampersand when inserted into equation editor Equations
123697 Ampersand is being converted to HTML Entity when inserting LaTeX code containing and ampersand Equations
118090 Auto-generated TOC sub-entries create a broken link if there is a special character in the heading Links: Hyperlinks/Bookmarks
114811 Cross-reference using {title}{para} or {paratext} does not display topic title when using system.title variable and a master page Links: X-Refs
117957 Linking a cross reference to the topic it is located in causes the link not to work Links: X-Refs
118935 File name displayed for System.Title variable when xref uses {title} format Links: X-Refs
121756 System.Title variable will use Filename instead of the Topic's Title if a cross-reference points to the Topic from a different Topic Links: X-Refs
80557 When 'Compute sub-entries from linked file' is Selected in TOC Entry a Colon in the Topic Title will break the TOC Node in HTML5 Output Output: HTML5
105448 jQuery 1.8.3 vulnerability report in Acunetix Website Audit v10 Output: HTML5
101074 TopNav: Next/Previous buttons do not appear in Toolbar Proxy with HTML5 Top Navigation output Output: HTML5
119902 Stylesheet a href link is not lowercase in HTML5 Top Nav output in the search results page Output: HTML5 Top Nav
85121 Previous Topic and Next Topic buttons should be able to work outside the existing framework. Output: Web
119955 In the "Register" dialog the tab order for entering information is incorrect Registration/Activation
116994 Selected definition does not display in Snippet Variables tab of Topic Properties Snippets
118210 Cannot select default variable definition after selecting an alternate definition for a snippet variable in the Topic Properties Snippets
98026 No way to push a deleted branch to Git remote repository Source Control
114160 Refresh issue - Operation Rename failed error occurs when renaming a new file in Git project if status icon is not reflected on it in explorers Source Control
114456 Output files show as pending add when output folder points to the Flare project folder Source Control
117479 Branch will reappear after being deleted Source Control
119501 When "Prompt to check in files when closing source control bound projects" option is enabled Flare 12 takes longer to close than Flare 11 Source Control
120147 Git ssh:// url protocol in 5991 does not work anymore.(Object reference not set to an object) Source Control
78469 Automatic Post-Build Script Targets
83287 Pre or Post Process Scripting (.bat_ .exe_ etc in target) - run a script or exe after a build Targets
97824 When using the auto-generate feature to generate TOC entries if the heading's autonumber format ends with a colon the links are broken TOC
118283 Select Language toolbar button for Chinese(China) says "文言(中国(中华人民共和国))", it should say "中文(中国)" Topic Toolbar
115582 Ability to increase/decrease font size in the internal text editor (topics_ css_ etc...) XML / XTHML Code
117857 Object Reference error and crash when closing li is missing from topic- and plugin is enabled XML Editor
85190 Internal Text Editor: Modify text display size in internal text / XML editor XML Editor


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October 28, 2016


Marvin Mallari

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