Flare 2017 Release Notes

 Article #:GEN1056F  Product: Flare   Version: 2017


The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are fixed in Flare 2017.

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102439 Ability to apply a condition to new files (Topics) Conditions
118867 Renaming condition tag set breaks variables when condition tag set and variable set have the same name Conditions
119127 Renaming a Condition Tag does not rename tag applied to TOC entry Conditions
122721 Snippet with Large Number of Conditioned Content (100+) will result in all Content Being Included Conditions
122762 Conditions are not applied correctly in this project - display: none are set to child selectors in the table cells Conditions
114018 Output is regenerated regardless of whether you click "Yes" or "No"when testing CSH API calls CSH/Alias/.h
112504 Documentation request for connecting to source control Documentation
118396 Have the online Flare help have content about ".gitignore file" and what it does Documentation
120350 Documentation Examples of What SSH URL and Public/Private Keys Look for Git Source Control Documentation
122293 Flare Folder and Files Cheat Sheet PDF: HTML Import Extension Documentation
124152 Background-Image By Default in Most Browser Will not Print Documentation
39511 Importing Word documents that contain equations converts the equations to images. Equations
112791 Some equation symbols will not display in Chrome browser in SVG format Equations
116285 No vertical scroll in "Select Folder" dialog when user selects "Pick folder" in Find and Replace pane Find/Find & Replace
118993 Props files display in Find and Replace search results and are not editable Find/Find & Replace
126020 Sections of Flare UI overlap other panes when application window is resized Framework / MDI
56031 Equations in MS Word documents are being duplicated after import into Flare when option to "Import/Export Word files without MS Office" is NOT selected. Import: Word
82873 Word equation appears twice in Flare when inline option is used in Word Import: Word
87085 Equations: Convert Word equations to editable equations in Flare on Word import Import: Word
122550 If the Index entry is set to sort as (安) the entry appears under an index heading with a different character (嬩) Index/Index Proxies/Klinks
121747 Flare does not remember selection when inserting a screen capture Integration: Capture
124878 Passwords containing special Characters fail to login through Flare but works fine on the website Integration: MadCap Central
121469 The Text For "Navigation Link.Top/Bottom" is not Complete in Japanese by Default Language Skins
122616 When replacing an image by the same name in a topic Link Viewer displays (no incoming links) Link Viewer
120185 Entering multiple email addresses in the hyperlink mailto field results in an empty a href Links: Hyperlinks/Bookmarks
106333 Object reference error when building a project that has a Xref to an element in the same topic that is set to display: none and contained within a div Links: X-Refs
124281 List of Figures appear in wrong order List of/List of Proxies
89021 Live Non-modal Preview - Easier way to view superset and projection (Flare preview) – Either automatic on Save or with a refresh button on the local toolbar None
117057 Cross Reference to External URL causes the build to fail with Object Reference Error for HTML Help (chm) Output: CHM
81913 Non-modal Preview Output: General
99812 Plain HTML Output (Options: No CSS / No Java Script / No MadCap Tags / Etc.) Output: HTML5
44986 Flare truncates filenames with periods in them when building PDF files. Output: Native PDF
117921 device-cmyk color used on decoration frames are converted to rgb in PDF output Output: Native PDF
119141 Japanese characters for image alt text do not display in PDF Output: Native PDF
116832 eBook preview will not pull in styles when topic is located in folder Output: Topic Preview
117154 Embedded fonts in HTML5 preview display as serif font Output: Topic Preview
119270 If Hyperlink URL is a variable it does not work in Word output Output: Word
120195 Building Word output fails with Stack empty error if a topic has a table containing a mailto with 2 email addresses Output: Word
117045 Adding Comment to Destination File's Comment field is not retained in the textbox Publishing/Destinations
124367 "The entered email address contains invalid characters" error when using an email with an apostrophe to activate Registration/Activation
121253 Reset Sort Order button in the Search Filter editor does not remove the Order property Search Filters
122376 Variable used in Logo Alt Text is not converted for HTML5 Top Navigation output Skins
105092 Deleting a file checks-in other files in TFS bound project Source Control
106462 In Git bound project unable to rename file because its current status is 'Unaltered'. Source Control
113758 An option to disconnect from and reconnect to a source control server within the Flare UI Source Control
115414 GIT: Ability to choose whether or not the .gitignore file is added to the .gitignore file when bound to Git using Flare Source Control
118990 Binding a project in a directory that is already bound to Subversion results in error "Bind Failed: Login failed for server:" Source Control
122146 Network Settings cannot be removed from the .gitconfig file once added Source Control
123459 If another user checks out a file that you have checked out the file no longer shows in the Pending Changes window unless other users' check outs are shown Source Control
123851 "AddFile: Unable to add files to Team Foundation Server" when mapped through Visual Studio Source Control
124130 Renaming a file by only changing case causes the file to show as deleted when bound to Subversion Source Control
117939 Device CYMK color control no longer works from the stylesheet editor Styles/Stylesheets
123773 Cannot right click on styles in any mediums after switching from applied property in print/mobile/tablet medium Styles/Stylesheets
117043 Cell content style does not apply to footer when creating a new table Table Styles
54429 Changing the variable definition in the target editor and immediately saving does not save the changes made to the definition. Targets
118806 Rebuild Target from the Builds pane does not reimport changed files Targets
121182 Output type does not carry over to Target Editor when adding Target from existing target file Targets
82962 Synchronize topic titles files names and TOC entries TOC
117575 selecting "superscript" in the "Font Properties" dialog from the Home ribbon adds a <span> tag instead of a <sup> tag and barely changes Toolbars / Menus
114010 Variables are corrupted when adding them to be used with a hyperlink Variables
119264 Deleting groups of variable definitions results in an Object Reference error Variables
120681 System.Title variable does not work when the topic title is a variable in Print outputs Variables
121847 Multiple definition variable named "Type" generates Specified cast is not valid error when changing definition in target Variables
125680 Able to insert System.Title Variable into Topic Title Variables
99020 Extra pane contains previously floated panes when Flare is re-opened Windows/Windows Layouts
113031 Stylesheet Links dialog is not updated when adding multiple links via Topic Properties in XML editor. XML Editor
115730 Shorthand border CSS using an RGB color value does not display in the XML Editor or PDF output XML Editor
117887 Border property using device-cmyk for color displays nothing XML Editor
120917 Topics containing images linked from a website take longer to load in XML Editor in Flare 12 than Flare 11 XML Editor
122593 The masterpage does not write to the .htm file when applying via right-click inside the topic file XML Editor


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January 1, 2017


Steven Moreno

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