Flare 2019 r2 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1062F  Product: Flare   Version: 2019 r2


The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are fixed in Flare 2019 r2.

Full Description:

Build 15.1.7283

Release Date: 12/12/2019

ID Title Area
154954 508 Accessibility - <main> is wrapped around the body container in the output instead of the content from the topic body proxy 508/Accessibility
154774 Object reference error when importing a review package without a file tag set Annotations / Reviewing
56773 Props file is not included with review package. Contributor
154811 Unable to edit "Value" in alias files CSH/Alias/.h
155359 Collapse top margin target option is not honored when there's a chapter break. Documentation
155390 Google search documentation is outdated and missing an important privacy note Documentation
154735 Confluence Import - Only the first 25 Spaces are available to Import from Import: Confluence
154943 Confluence Import - inline formatting is not removed for images when the option to remove inline formatting is enabled Import: Confluence
155258 Flare Import Wizard - List of included files is not being honored when first importing a Flare project. Import: Flare
154555 Word import with table nested in table and "set first row of header" enabled will not split topics correctly Import: Word
154906 Object reference error trying to preview HTML5 output when applied masterpage includes topic toolbar that includes topic ratings button Master Pages
154992 Image title/tooltip appears in wrong location Output: HTML5
154928 First Page Type in Word Output Adds Extra Carriage Returns in Header and Footer Frames Output: Word
155174 Multi-language Elasticsearch publish fails Publishing/Destinations
155344 Excluding All Conditions in a target causes all conditional tag sets to be part of the selection Responsive Content
154834 "sourceDocument" attribute in FrameMaker imported table stylesheet causes formatting not to display Table Styles
155621 "sourceDocument" attribute in Excel-imported table stylesheet causes formatting not to display Table Styles
154868 Unable to update the Tag Name field in a File Tag set Tagging
154953 Broken links to topic toolbar image when not using Content folder in output and dropdown image CSS value set to "none" Topic Toolbar
154690 Medium drop-down in XML Editor is not updating correctly XML Editor

In order to address bug 154954, changes have been made to the HTML5 side and top navigation outputs. Click here for more details.


Build 15.1.7216

Release Date: 10/9/2019

ID Title Feature Area
39186 Pressing enter on a topic in the TOC does not move focus to the topic frame itself. You have to scroll through the rest of the TOC to get there. 508/Accessibility
75533 Alt Text is not displayed when images are disabled and replaced with Alt text in Browser settings 508/Accessibility
83541 Cannot access Index tab using only a keyboard 508/Accessibility
86304 Cannot easily navigate from Index search field to results in HTML5 output without using mouse 508/Accessibility
86528 Accessibility: Lost the ability to hear the alt of Glossary Popup Terms in HTML5 output 508/Accessibility
104840 Unable to Access the Glossary and Index tabs in HTML5 Navigation without a Mouse 508/Accessibility
119012 No visual indication of what is currently in focus when tabbing through the content of an HTML5 output 508/Accessibility
127934 Alt text for logo image is in <a> tag rather than <img> tag in HTML5 Top Navigation output 508/Accessibility
128075 Search bar's form-field name is defined as "Unlabeled1" Edit Search 508/Accessibility
128096 Search filter button is not able to be navigated to from the keyboard in Top Navigation 508/Accessibility
130989 Fixed header causes a focused link to be hidden when scrolling back to the top of the page using shift + tab 508/Accessibility
131846 Cannot access the Show / Hide Navigation button in Tripane outputs 508/Accessibility
131848 Users cannot access the Submit Search Button in Tripane outputs 508/Accessibility
131849 Users cannot access the Slide out side menu 508/Accessibility
131850 Logo does not show focus when tabbing through the Tripane outputs 508/Accessibility
131855 Tooltips do not display when buttons in the toolbar get focus from keyboard access 508/Accessibility
131919 Focus is lost when the print dialog is closed from the topic toolbar in Tripane outputs 508/Accessibility
131920 Topic toolbar buttons are being read multiple times by screen readers because of Title tags on them 508/Accessibility
131921 Screen Readers see read the Hamburger button as a link and not a button when visible in the view port (HTML5 Tripane) 508/Accessibility
131924 Sidebar buttons are not announced as buttons by screen readers (Home, Contents, Search, Index ect) 508/Accessibility
131945 Search Result Next and Previous buttons cannot be accessed via the keyboard 508/Accessibility
131947 Search input fields do not have labels - Screen readers need labels to read 508/Accessibility
131948 Logo in HTML5 tripane output is coded as an H1 - The only H1s should come from the actual topics 508/Accessibility
145290 No border is shown when tabbing to select Show / Hide Navigation button in Tripane (web) outputs (firefox) 508/Accessibility
145347 Tripane Sidebar buttons (Contents, Index, Glossary, Browse Sequence and Search Filter) are read twice by JAWS (both web and mobile views) 508/Accessibility
146279 Focus is lost on hamburger menu after tabbed to from a non-toc linked topic 508/Accessibility
148255 No region names are called out for the TOC/Index/Glossary tabs in HTML5 tripane 508/Accessibility
131529 Copy/Paste: Enable paste from Windows Explorer directly into Flare project folder Authoring: General
129070 Would like fltoc files to be listed in the File List Pane Authoring: General
138415 Context Menu option in the XML Editor for "Locate in Explorer" Authoring: XML/Structured Authoring
28051 Conditions applied to table captions do not work. Conditions
112541 Rename a file in Content Explorer, move cursor after...causes cursor rubberbanding to be active Content / Project Explorer
124533 Cannot simply drag and drop into Content Explorer Content / Project Explorer
133171 Toggle Show Files: Drag and Drop to a new folder destination Content / Project Explorer
97534 Ability to Condition based on Responsive Output View Content: Conditional Tags
151205 Broken Link in our documentation gives 404 error Documentation
152867 Useful Search Results for the Term "Preferences" in Flare Online Help Documentation
153043 Deleting Tables page does not contain content under NOTE drop-down Documentation
149443 Changing Conditions on multiple topics with File List removes Master Page properties on those topics File List
150985 Font Awesome icons are not embedded in the PDF output in Flare 2019 Font Families
80148 High resolution monitor support / HiDPI and Retina® Display Support Framework: General
150953 Flare appends extension to filename even after its escaped General Editing
109540 Glossary term definition shows in abstract text of search result if doesn't have "glossary term link" attached - Auto convert terms Glossary
112906 Using opening angle brackets in a Glossary term (like <html>) removes content after the opening bracket from the Glossary Pane in the HTML5 Tripane Output. Glossary
137355 Insert Hyperlink dialog UI has various issues on systems with High DPI HiDPI
143066 Columns widths do not adjust to fit headings in grid view editors on systems with increased DPI HiDPI
145027 FrameMaker 2019 Support Import: FrameMaker
115218 Integration with Confluence Import: New Types
66961 Import Wiki Content - Confluence, etc. Import: New Types
89236 Preserve TOC from HTML files produced by confluence (index.html). Import: New Types
119231 Remove consecutive span tags during Word import Import: Word
115192 Create table styles based on table styles in Word document Import: Word
89644 Ability to apply a tablestyles to tables upon import Import: Word
118191 In Word Import Wizard, a definition of the New Topic Style Import: Word
86064 Import Header and Footers from Word Import: Word
69813 Remove inline and/or other formatting on import Import: Word
68003 Splitting options for page breaks Import: Word
67373 Import Word Stylesheet import options Import: Word
66920 Import Word Lists as HTML Lists Import: Word
89375 Option to specify folder location of imported content Import: Word
11416 During a Word import, it doesn't really make sense for Flare to make a new topic file every time Import: Word
15668 We do not support Custom Number Formats for ordered lists. Import: Word
21923 Not able to stop Page Breaks in Word to force a new Topic on Import. Import: Word
24287 Multilevel lists in Word not importing Import: Word
25619 Tab Spaces are not imported from Word File Import: Word
30700 Option to import images at 100% and avoid adding height and width styles to the img tag. Import: Word
30865 Not able to map word styles to Flare styles if they are listed under @media groups Import: Word
32715 Non italic text of word doc is imported to word as italic Import: Word
34637 Nested Lists do not import correct. Import: Word
34717 Not able to map character styles with option "Don't preserve MS Word Styles" enabled Import: Word
34718 Allow users to map character styles from Word to a stylesheet style during an import to Flare Import: Word
35312 Maintain only one stylesheet after import Import: Word
36038 Paragraphs in a table cell get removed and the content gets moved to the same line. Import: Word
36327 Additional unwanted stylesheets are created when importing Word documents Import: Word
37517 Word Import - a list in this document does not import with a <ul> and <li> structure Import: Word
40286 Customer would like the ability to set tablestyles on incoming tables from word. Import: Word
43486 When applying a paragraph style to numbering, Flare imports each step in the list as its own <OL> or <UL>. Import: Word
43487 Not able to map to root character styles - ex. <b> tag Import: Word
43489 When mapping word paragraph list to a P, you end up with list items that contain P tags, but no LI tags. Import: Word
44360 Nested lists in word docs don’t import as nested lists Import: Word
44748 Flare is creating span tags outside of P tags when importing word docs that have character styles applied to entire paragraphs. Import: Word
45229 Do not create a new stylesheet after importing a word doc Import: Word
45894 Cross-references are including all text after the link to text if there is a character style applied to the whole paragraph and you map that character style to B in the import wizard Import: Word
46189 "New Topic Styles" not applying when "Bold" style is mapped to "Span" in Flare's styles Import: Word
48752 Mapping styles used in the Word doc to your Flare CSS styles is confusing Import: Word
49709 Preserve MS Word Styles and also be able to map to all available styles from the stylesheet selected via the Word Import Process. Import: Word
49710 See more available styles during the Word Import Process if a stylesheet is selected Import: Word
50322 Importing a word document with a large number of tables leads to the table formatting eventually failing to appear on topics Import: Word
50348 Inner borders are lost after importing a table from Word that has inner borders and NO outer borders. Import: Word
50510 Unable to choose the location of where the imported documents from MS Word are stored in the Flare project Import: Word
51034 Inline sizing is always applied to images regardless of how the images are inserted in word. Import: Word
51340 Flare allows for style class names to be created to start with numbers when preserving MS Word styles upon import. Import: Word
51705 Custom lists from MS Word come in malformed. The list items (<li>) are not nested in the <ol> or the <ul>. Import: Word
51734 Not able to map to code character style when choosing "Don't Preserve MS Word Styles" during MS Word import. Import: Word
52342 Cropped / Framed images in Word do not import to Flare. Import: Word
52435 Additional unwanted stylesheets are created when importing Word documents Import: Word
52572 Lists are imported incorrectly if they contain paragraphs inside them. Import: Word
52656 Default behavior is to map to h1.Heading 1 Import: Word
85145 When Importing TOC, the Indents do not Format Correctly Import: Word
87366 Word list items imported with in-line formatting when don't preserve MS Word styles selected and Convert inline formatting to CSS styles is unselected. Import: Word
100449 When importing a Word document style that contains a hyphen, that hyphen is stripped during import. Import: Word
127560 Word list with Wingdings character as list icon does not import Import: Word
131155 Word Import: Hyphen gets dropped and undefined style get created when mapping to a style class with a hyphen Import: Word
136613 Word items imported with in-line formatting when "don't preserve MS Word styles" selected Import: Word
150998 Word Import - Inline styles are still created when using option to convert inline styles to CSS styles Import: Word
140863 Re-mapping multiple undefined variables to a variable only maps one item Integration: Analyzer
152804 Image referenced in a nested snippet does not update link correctly when snippet and image are in different folders and the folders are moved simultaneously Integration: Analyzer
144482 Flare Integration: Cannot unbind a project from Central if it was deleted on Central Integration: MadCap Central
148711 Flare constantly synchronizes file review pane causing dialog to appear when accepting topics Integration: MadCap Central
153406 Pushing a project to Central with large video file size causes failed to write chunk footer Integration: MadCap Central
150230 Zendesk articles duplicated when publishing with Require sign in enabled Integration: Zendesk
150292 Zendesk - Republishing articles with label set causes request has failed, attempting the request again Integration: Zendesk
150608 Zendesk articles duplicated when 'visible to' is not set to everyone Integration: Zendesk
151463 Publishing to Zendesk returns all retried attempts have failed Integration: Zendesk
151746 Zendesk articles published to default category/section when 'do not use content folder in output' is enabled Integration: Zendesk
152005 Zendesk Publish- One or more errors occurred. all retried attempts have failed error after connecting to this zendesk account during publish Integration: Zendesk
152061 Zendesk Publish- All retried attempts have failed error after loading article data in this account Integration: Zendesk
152189 Zendesk Publish- Failure to publish to Zendesk when a file is deleted from the published articles for this account Integration: Zendesk
152904 Zendesk - Not able to publish to a multibrand zendesk account due to inability to set permission group directly from destination file for published articles Integration: Zendesk
137172 Cross-referencing to a heading with a glossary term displays the glossary term definition in the output Links: X-Refs
150745 Missing space between "Seite" and the page number in German cross-reference {pageref} Links: X-Refs
151650 Remove Link in this Micro Content causes exception "'xmlns' attribute is bound to the reserved namespace" Micro Content
126922 Ability to define the role and state of Links and Expanding text through the UI for Accessibility purposes Output: 508 Enhancements
127202 ARIA requirements to be integrated with Flare outputs Output: 508 Enhancements
153418 Make the slideshow more accessible Output: 508 Enhancements
144609 Ability to have the tab sequence also include the hamburger menu Output: 508 Enhancements
138198 Spaces between consecutive variables do not appear in Eclipse Help output Output: Eclipse
126172 Error message "mimetype: bad entry" in all EPUB Validators Output: EPUB
49941 Output does not work on unix based servers if checking "Use lowercase file names" AND "Do not use Content' folder are checked in the target. Output: HTML5
82755 Linux server show empty frames (404 error) when target has "use lowercase filenames" and "Do not use "Content" folder in output" selected Output: HTML5
130902 <a href="#">Hyperlink to Refresh Page no longer takes users to top of page in Chrome Browser Output: HTML5
141786 Fixed header overlaps popup thumbnail images in HTML5 side navigation output Output: HTML5
154209 HTML5 - Tooltip does not behave properly for links with title attribute Output: HTML5
101152 Top Navigation Menu only displays a list of items as long as the topic (once the topic is longer than a page). Output: HTML5 Frameless
145781 Left-aligned top navigation sub-menus can go beyond the left edge of the viewport if long enough Output: HTML5 Frameless
150317 508 Accessibility - Not able to skip submenus items when tabbing through the top navigation menu Output: HTML5 Frameless
150426 Update to JQuery 3.4 Output: HTML5 Tripane / TopNav
102987 TopNav: Accessibility and 508 Compliance (keyboard navigation, shortcuts, screen reading, etc) Output: HTML5 Tripane / TopNav
151279 Modernizr.js Version number update Output: HTML5 Tripane / TopNav
85741 .DOCX file output Output: Word
42574 "Alt Tags" not being applied to images in a Word output Output: Word
150739 Invalid url in hyperlink cause Word Target to fail the build with "StartIndex cannot be larger than length of string" Output: Word
151964 FTP - Unable to change any letter of the User Name to upper/lower case causing authentication to fail Publishing/Destinations
152311 Removing Link When Deleting Publishing Destination Leaves Code Fragment in HTML5.fltar Publishing/Destinations
136464 Build output locally then publish to Central Publishing: General
150960 Responsive Content: Child drop downs conditioned out in the target are included in the output when there's no space between the include and exclude expressions in the target code. Responsive Content
88012 Search Filter Background image is centered in the Live Preview but top left aligned in the Output (HTML5) Skins
104624 Not possible to set a tooltip on the Search Filter images for HTML5 Top Navigation and Search Bar component skins Skins
134959 Not Able to Add Screen Tip to TopNav Logo Skins
35663 Flare crashes when opening a topic with circular snippet references. Snippets
134459 When creating a snippet from content within a topic, if a period is included in the name, the portion of the name after the period is not included Snippets
131943 Cannot publish to Git within VisualStudio.com using the SSH keys Source Control: Git
146038 Cannot bind/import project using SSH with keys generated in Git Bash 2.19.2 or later Source Control: Git
146513 Importing a project from source control with a URL that contains a space (%20) causes error Source Control: Git
147520 Flare shows that it's accepting wrong credentials while it's using the correct cached credentials (HTTPS protocol) Source Control: Git
149084 Changing the case of a folder in a Git bound project deletes content Source Control: Git
149940 No error message or warning given for Source Control commands when index.lock file exists in .git folder Source Control: Git
151996 Git:SSH- Cannot bind/import a project via ssh using Windows 10, version 1903 Source Control: Git
153284 Central: Exception when selecting Branch History for particular project Source Control: Git
149879 Project has a delay when typing in the XML Editor and also when trying to copy and paste a target folder Targets
152868 If topic contains apostrophe in H1 and 'compute sub-entires' is checked, all TOC entries disappear in published HTML output when you press "Next" TOC
139644 Topic Properties says "Masterpage" but everywhere else says "Master Page" with a space Tools/Options
100796 Dragging and dropping a file into a folder further down than is visible results in endless scrolling loop UI Cleanup
152884 Mapping Undefined Variables is Broken Variables


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October 9, 2019


Marvin Mallari/Steven Moreno

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MadCap QA