Flare V9 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1037F  Product: All Version: 9


Note: 5/15/2013 - Flare 9.1 has been released. Please view its release notes here:

Flare V9.1 Release Notes


A list of customer-reported bugs and feature requests addressed in this release.

For a description of the new features available in Flare v9, please see the linked article below

What's New In Flare V9

Full Description:

The following is a list of customer-reported issues that were addressed. Some issues are project specific. Other issues discovered and logged by the MadCap QA team are not listed in the table below.

Flare V9

Area Number Description
508/Accessibility 45193 Added support to insert blank alt tags into all images in the project (if no other alt text is present)
508/Accessibility 46031 Problem: Thumbnail images: Both the thumbnail and the full size image need alt text. There's no way to provide that currently since there's only one alt text field for the image.
Annotations / Reviewing 42713 Problem: Unhandled Exception Error -System.ArgumentException: Part URI cannot contain a Fragment component when trying to save a Review Package and Review package needs to include any files which have a # character in the file name.
AutoNumbering 35371 Ability to insert 'non-breaking spaces' in the auto number dialog.
Characters/Quick Character 54278 Problem: Inserting Quick Characters that are in 'Favorites' is inserting Span Tags and font-Family around the characters if the font is different than the font selected in the project.
Characters/Quick Character 26502, 33302 Add support for inserting non-breaking hyphen
Concepts/Concept Proxies/Klinks 29164 Problem: Cannot remove concepts once entered
Conditions 43946, 44075, 47348 Add support for advanced conditions with ability to use Boolean operators when applying Conditions in the Target
Conditions 51746 Problem: Cannot select the first check box in the 'Condition Tags' dialog when higher DPI settings are set.
Conditions 25180 Problem: Exceptions thrown due to illegal character in Condition Tag name
Conditions 44834 Problem: Be consistent about preserving condition tags in output (currently get dropped in page headers), and have a target option to keep or remove all condition tags.
Conditions 53947 Problem: The Output Option "Exclude content not linked directly or indirectly from the target" does not exclude topics exclusively linked from Madcap:dropDown block elements with excluding condition tags in snippets.
Conditions 52534 Problem: Deleting a condition tag set will remove all condition selections in the target files.
Conditions 11786, 25181, 35659, 43013, 44378, 44988, 45002 Add support for “Conditions” entry to right-click menu when right-clicking a selected range of text
Conditions 50068 Problem: "Madcap:conditions" gets excluded from Code when a Master Page is applied.
Conditions 43519 Problem: Applying a condition to a word in a TD applies the condition to the TD.
Conditions 54279 Problem: Conditions applied to objects in BMP and TIFF image files are not applied/used during the build of online targets when the option "Generate "web-safe" images" is selected.
Content / Project Explorer 54351 Problem: Error message when adding a new project file of the same type that is highlighted in the Project Organizer. This happens when you go to !Project | New menu because the default folder location is the same as the project file that is highlighted
Contributions 53449 Problem: In this users project, if you create a contribution template from a topic twice without closing the topic, the resources folder does not get included the second time.
Contributor 52445 Problem: When deactivating the Contributor product, a pop-up says "Clearing the activation will close any open projects and topics before the products exists."
CSH/Alias/.h 51471 Problem: The prefix length for the Alias File is limited to only 12 characters.
Documentation 53639 Add a “Best Practices” to the Help regarding the use of Snippets
Documentation 54553 Problem: Documentation does not provide complete information about importing a review package.
Documentation 51952 Add documentation on the use of jQuery for Flare outputs.
Documentation 44953 Add documentation to state where Topic Properties can differ than using Headings.
Documentation 50015 Add documentation regarding regex in Flare help articles
Documentation 52233 Add documentation to explain how Horizontal Rules renders differently in different browsers.
Documentation 54889 Documentation Error - [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + F does not work to populate the "Find what" field in the Find and Replace window pane or Find in Files window pane with the text that is selected.
Documentation 52560, 55445 Add documentation on how to keep or ignore changes with the Merge Tool when you are using the option "Merge as Text"
Documentation 52340 Add documentation regarding how to link to related topics and TOC topics using the drag and drop method.
Documentation 55395 Problem: Flare Help system topic Creating Named Destinations is misleading / inaccurate
Documentation 50512 Problem: Word target 'Advanced' option does not have 'Embed images in output' enabled by default. Our Documentation states this option is enabled by default. See topic "Embedding Images in Microsoft Word Output"
Documentation 52922 Problem: Documentation states that the TOC proxy only works for ePub and Print outputs when it actually works for all outputs.
Documentation 43676 Update documentation to indicate that by using "Unformat" button all inline formatting, including <span> classes will be removed.
Documentation 52699 Improve documentation to explain how to choose your TOC depth for the MadCap | tocproxy
Documentation 52379 Problem: Typo in Flare Help at the topic "Applying Color To The Text Background in a Topic"
Documentation 50780 Problem: Documentation incorrectly indicates that table footers using the tfoot style should repeat across multiple pages in Print Layout and Print Outputs
Documentation 51325 Problem: Description for "Add to Source Control" option in Flare's documentation is incorrect.
Documentation 50673 Problem: Customer asks that we have information in our online help for "Use Browser Default Size" which is an option located in Skin|Size section.
Documentation 54009 Problem: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 in MadCap Flare's "Reviews & Contributions Guide" are both titled "Reviews-Sending To Others" which is confusing.
Equations 50539 Problem: Equations cause compiler errors when the UI is switched to another language.
Equations 51526 Problem: Graphics produced by the Equation Editor are not anti-aliased.
Equations 47958 Problem: rendering problems in some equations in the XML Editor / outputs
Framework / MDI 50728 Problem: The resize of the empty frame space of the "Style Window" doesn't save to the layout, and constantly has to be readjusted upon reopening Flare.
Framework / MDI 51360 Problem: Flare becomes un-usable when using Subversion OUTSIDE of Flare to Commit files or update through Tortoise.
Framework / MDI 51319 Problem: Flare workspace blacks out while working on this project
Framework / MDI 51889 Problem: After float of Link Viewer Window or Style Window and Flare exit, on Flare restart closing Link Viewer Window or Style Window causes Flare to crash (must have Auto Save Layout enabled)
Framework / MDI 50971 Problem: Can't resize/move the columns in the project analysis pane for topics not in selected TOC
Framework / MDI 35491 Add support for Character Maps and apply a font style to character.
General 25179, 27002, 29586, 30579, 35030, 37268, 37299, 40965, 45232 Add support for right-to-left languages like Arabic
General Editing 34115 Problem: !Format -> Background Color does not work the second time its used correctly.
General Editing 10563 Ability to add multiple characters to the Quick Character menu or make it completely customizable.
Help Control: Related Topics 48244 Problem: When renaming or moving a topic file that contains related topic links to a bookmark within the topic, the topic name is removed from the related topic link
Help Viewer 49889 Problem: Error "System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Error creating window handle." when resizing DotNet help in Help Viewer 6.1
Help Viewer 45555 Problem: Bolded text causes a text box to not appear the same in Movie Viewer vs. Help Viewer
Help Viewer SDK 51753 Merge Module for Help Viewer SDK installs Help Viewer registry keys to HKEY_CURRENT_USER and does not associate the .mchelp extension with the Help Viewer.
Hyphenation/Hyph. Dictionaries 35539 Problem: customer requests: "non-breaking characters (e.g. hyphens) should be honored in Variables and other elements.
Images/Multimedia 51297 Problem: Script error which cannot be dismissed when adding the attached SWF file to a project forcing you to quit Flare
Images/Multimedia 46819 Problem: mp4 movies shows partial controls in output
Images/Multimedia 26369, 35429, 35452, 41578 Problem: When using "Thumbnail" settings, images loose transparency.
Images/Multimedia 51862 Problem: These 2 particular SVG images, throws an error during the build process: Error Processing SVG File
Import: CHM 50967 Problem: Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object when importing the attached CHM file.
Import: Dita 35537 Problem: DITA import process fails due to "&nbsp;" non-breaking space character in DITA file
Import: Dita 35240, 35537 Problem: DITA import process fails due to "&nbsp;" non-breaking space character in DITA file
Import: Dita 53708 Problem: Importing from a DITA file that links to read-only files causes a background thread error : Problem(s) in background thread: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'DeleteProgressDialog'
Import: Dita 54121 Problem: Importing DITA documentation does not map correctly
Import: Dita 52322 Problem: Object Reference Error upon Import from a DITA File
Import: Dita 52251 Problem: Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. When importing a DITA file that contains <note type="warning">
Import: Dita 55166 Problem: Importing XML files that have conrefs referencing conrefs results in broken snippet links.
Import: Flare 50248 Problem: Crash when building Batch target with Global project linking when 'Delete stale files' is checked. [System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException] Dialog ThreadProgressDialog..
Import: Flare 42171, 52364 Problem: When you specify files to exclude from a Flare Project Import File, save, close, and reopen the Import file, the Exclude Files box is blank.
Import: Flare 45379, 46242, 51428 Relative path changes to absolute path in the Import Editor after breaking a link from an imported file.
Import: FrameMaker 52261 Problem: Out of memory error when importing Frame book
Import: FrameMaker 30286 Problem: Callouts added to a graphic are removed during import
Import: FrameMaker 24638 Problem: Importing FrameMaker files that contain GIF images are getting imported with low resolution
Import: FrameMaker 27168 Ability to import images with Prop file options so Capture could work on them when Importing from FrameMaker to avoid using distiller.
Import: FrameMaker 12654 Problem: Flare should import EPS images successfully from FrameMaker
Import: FrameMaker 51735 Problem: Not able to map to code character style when choosing "Don't Preserve FrameMaker Styles" during FrameMaker import.
Import: FrameMaker 52762 Problem: emf images are brought into flare as black images.
Import: FrameMaker 35646, 51743 Problem: When importing a FrameMaker file where the file name includes a period (.), the VariableSet name is created with a period and variables in topics become "undefined"
Import: FrameMaker 21764 Problem: "Long Date" and "Short Date" system variables of frame doc are imported to Flare as "undefined variables"
Import: FrameMaker 31095 Problem: Flare is Applying a span style to the rest of a sentence if multiple conditions are used together in the document.
Import: FrameMaker 52375 Problem: Frame import table styles don't work
Import: FrameMaker 23984 Problem: Images don't look the same after import-
Import: FrameMaker 52109 Problem: Text on the images in this .fm file get lost when imported into Flare.
Import: FrameMaker 12111, 20904 Problem: Image with Callouts imported in as grey boxes
Import: FrameMaker 29399 Problem: Importing images even with the Anchored frame Option turned off
Import: FrameMaker 51089, 53281 Problem: Error: "Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: Length" when importing this FrameMaker file.
Import: FrameMaker 38374 Problem: A particular TIF image does not import properly
Import: RoboHelp 52528 Problem: Code content imports RoboHelp 7 incorrectly
Import: RoboHelp 50343 Problem: When importing a RoboHelp project with a topic containing "<!--kadov_tag{{<implicit_p>}}-->" anything following the code is lost.
Import: RoboHelp 51630 Problem: RoboHelp tags: <?rh-region_start> and <?rh-region_end> are being stripped from the import to Flare, therefore anything inside is not coming in.
Import: RoboHelp 53956 Problem: When importing RoboHelp projects "http://w3.org/1999/xhtml" is imported with the source code resulting in two namespace declarations and this can causing functionality from Flare to break.
Import: Word 45996 Problem: Links to bookmarks in the document are not resolving correctly after import
Import: Word 41907 Problem: Spaces after spans are being thrown out when importing document from Word
Import: Word 52191 Problem: Images which have a non-breaking space next to it in a MS Word file are imported without a wrapping paragraph tag.
Import: Word 52199 Problem: List Style classes (ol, ul, and li) and image style classes are created despite choosing the option "Don't Preserve MS Word Styles" during MS Word Import.
Install/Uninstall 49743 Compliance with FIPS
Integration: Analyzer 52369 Problem: Highly customized table stylesheets will cause database errors due to the length of the table style classes which are created.
Integration: Analyzer 53126 Problem: Email hyperlink which contains a % character in the Subject field causes a database error.
Integration: Analyzer 49872, 50349 Add support for Flare and Analyzer reports for Snippet Conditions usage.
Integration: Analyzer 44471 Add option to create report for "Unused Bookmarks" and option to delete them from topics.
Integration: Mimic 41621 Problem: Embedded mimic movie is not displaying in CHM
Internal Text Editor 51656 Problem: In the Internal Text Editor, if you make a change, save and then make another change without repositioning the insertion point, the file will not dirty (Needs to be saved).
Language Skins 52266 Problem: "On Page" Cross Reference in German projects lacks of space between the "On Page" and the page number.
Language Skins 49733 Added support for the Russian Language skin in Flare.
Language Skins 54654 Problem: Cannot insert Non-breaking spaces or non-braking hyphens in the language skin using the keyboard.
Language Skins 51914 Problem: Default {pageref} cross-reference formats are not grammatically correct for Previous and Next Page references.
Language Skins 54077 Problem: There are missing spaces between index term and "See also"
Links: Hyperlinks/Bookmarks 53841 Problem: Inserting a link in text that contains a variable leaves the first character out of the link.
Links: X-Refs 46778 Problem: When a cross-reference points to a bookmark in a paragraph controlled by a toggler, it does not correctly reference the {pararef} content
Links: X-Refs 44481, 47422 Problem: Cannot use non-breaking spaces in cross reference formats
Links: X-Refs 51033 Problem: A non-breaking space cannot be added to a {pageref} xref
Links: X-Refs 52538 Problem: Linking to a bookmark contained in a snippet is producing the cross-reference to not update with the location of the snippet.
Links: X-Refs 47381 Problem: Cross-reference pointing to a Topic excluded via Conditions is "silently" rendered a non-link
Lists 35254 Problem: Clicking the List Item button within an existing list doesn’t work as expected.
Lists 43993 Problem: Hard to indent lists to make sublists
Master Pages 47515 Problem: Conditional items in the head of the Topic are stripped if a MasterPage is applied.
Output: AIR 47156 Problem: Installing JRE v7, or the 64-bit version of JRE v6 will cause the build to fail.
Output: CHM 47065 Problem: When using a Related Topics control, setting the custom order to "No" still uses the custom order in HTML Help output
Output: CHM 52234 Problem: Script error 'Unable to get value of property 'getElementsByTagName': object is null or undefined when calling topics VIA CSH in merged CHM files.
Output: CHM 53561 Problem: After building this project with merged chms, the parent chm output crashes/freezes when clicking into the 2nd or 3rd merged chm in the TOC.
Output: CHM 41821 Problem: After installing newer versions of Flare, users are required to re-register the ITCC.dll for older versions
Output: CHM 51264 Problem: JavaScript code for popup that was working in version 7 and in 8.0.1 is not working in version 8.1.0
Output: CHM 51896, 52311 Problem: When merging more than 1 child project in the parent HTML Help output, the index terms only show up for the first child project but not for the 2nd, 3rd, etc.
Output: CHM 51282, 51897 Problem: Loss of search functionality to linked CHM files in HTML Help output if there is more than one linked CHM in the TOC. The search will work with the first linked CHM file only.
Output: CHM 52145 Problem: Some systems cannot read or load HTML Help when the topics start with <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> AND this causes compiler errors in HTML Help workshop: HHC3004
Output: CHM 52290 Problem: Building a HTML Help target as part of a Batch Target within the Flare UI causes the chm output to open as a small window.
Output: CHM 50945 Problem: When a topic in one CHM output has a hyperlink to a topic in another CHM output, the indexes of the two CHM files get merged together
Output: CHM 50148, 50792 Problem: When Linking into a chm, the output search is duplicated.
Output: Dita 46857 Problem: Tables output to DITA that contain a header row (thead) output with the cols attribute in the tgroup element set to zero. <tgroup cols="0">. Cols is a required attribute and should be set to the number of columns.
Output: DotNet 54006 Problem: A new instance of the help viewer is created when DotNet output is minimized and the application makes another call
Output: EPUB 52114 Arabic (right to left) support in current ePub output.
Output: General 52780 Problem: Invalid XML causes a build error. The Error log does not let the user know which file caused the error.
Output: General 53821 Problem: Certain links cause Object Reference errors when building output.
Output: General 47193 Problem: Provide exit codes for success or fail when using madbuild.exe
Output: HTML5 53520 Problem: HTML5 output is not usable performance wise in IE.
Output: HTML5 52979 Problem: Hover state does not work for drop-downs in HTML5
Output: HTML5 51128 Problem: Margin-top and margin-bottom settings do not work for MadCap|dropDownHead because it does not default to display: block in the stylesheet for HTML5
Output: HTML5 50256 Problem: When the BackgroundGradient values of toolbar buttons and container in the HTML5 skin are set to non-default (darker) colors, a one pixel white border appears to standout more at the bottom edge of the button.
Output: HTML5 50622 Search does not work on HTML5 outputs if there is no access to the Feedback Server and Feedback is enabled in the target.
Output: HTML5 53922 Problem: In HTML5, cannot open the certain books from the child with these merged projects when viewed with IE9 and the files reside on a server.
Output: HTML5 54344 Problem: HTML5 output: MadCap dropdown will auto close when topic contains index terms and is nested within a book.
Output: HTML5 49885, 51720 Problem: To have a search textbar for the index pane in HTML5
Output: HTML5 52596 Problem: MadCap|xref:hover style (color and text-decoration) does not work for HTML5 output
Output: HTML5 51660 Problem: In an HTML5 output viewed over HTTP with Auto Sync TOC enabled, TOC entries do not highlight when clicking on the text of the TOC entry.
Output: HTML5 51837 Problem: Topics that are opened via a popup or new window link in HTML5 output do not get recorded as topics visited in Feedback Explorer.
Output: HTML5 51658 Problem: CSS Parser: Line: 1. Char: 23. Invalid token ({) error when doing a madbuild command line compile of an HTML5 target.
Output: HTML5 50110 Problem: The Navigation Panel Item font color property seems to work for both the Contents and Browse panels, but not the Index and Glossary panels.
Output: HTML5 48877 Back button not returning you to search list in IE9 for local outputs
Output: HTML5 53813 Problem: A colon being used in the TOC Label causes a "File Not Found" error when browsing entries using the 'previous' and 'next' buttons on a Firefox browser for HTML5 output.
Output: HTML5 50103, 51349 Search Text text is misaligned when compatibility mode is turned on in IE
Output: HTML5 51627 Problem: TOC Items are not selected (highlighted) correctly depending on where you click on the items. (Auto sync TOC disabled)
Output: HTML5 50296 Problem: When clicking a link to a bookmark within a topic, then click on a link which leaves the topic, the back browser back button does not take you back to the bookmark location.
Output: HTML5 53422 Problem: In Chrome and IE9, non-alphanumeric characters included in the label of a TOC node cause TOC highlighting to not function correctly for TOC items within the node. (auto sync TOC enabled)
Output: HTML5 50391 Problem: Conditions (actually, any inline tag) cause search result abstracts to duplicate text. Any content in the inline tag is repeated.
Output: HTML5 50306 Problem: Glossary term definitions (using the expanding text style) properties defined using a class do not work in HTML5 output.
Output: HTML5 51143, 52492, 53628 Problem: Automatically synchronize TOC option does not work for HTML5 output if it is loaded without specifying the entry htm page and viewed over http.
Output: HTML5 52573 Problem: If a topic is opened via a link to a bookmark in a drop-down body and then the drop-down is collapsed, further attempts to expand the drop-down will automatically collapse the drop-down.
Output: HTML5 52754 Problem: Automatically Synchronize TOC does not work for all topics under a TOC book when that book has a label which uses a Variable. (HTML5; WebHelp entered separately)
Output: HTML5 51329 Problem: Object Reference Error: When building HTML5 target that contains style properties with empty values.
Output: HTML5 52756 Problem: When doing run-time merging of child HTML5 targets, the TOC link to External Website and all TOC nodes which follow it in the Child TOC are lost.
Output: HTML5 53054 Problem: Auto sync TOC option fails when a topic is linked to a bookmark via TOC properties
Output: HTML5 50245 Problem: When clicking on a link to a bookmark in the same topic that's embedded within either a drop-down or expanding text, link does not take them to the bookmarked section.
Output: HTML5 53291 Problem: MadCap|toggler:hover does not work in HTML5.
Output: HTML5 53871 Problem: In IE9 and Compatibility View settings turned off, URL Does not update appropriately to match the topic when using the browser back button on IE9 browser and viewing the HTML5 output locally
Output: HTML5 48213, 49921, 50225,50283, 50977, 51355, 51717, 52073, 52207 Add support to highlight search terms for HTML5 output
Output: HTML5 52946 Problem: When clicking the white space next to an index term, the term is highlighted but not displayed as expected.
Output: HTML5 51093 Problem: Error:"Object Reference.." when two glossary terms exist in the same paragraph and one of them is linked to the topic.
Output: HTML5 51698 Problem: Output with several merged projects (subsystems) is slow to load each of the panes.
Output: HTML5 51934 Problem: In HTML5 output with IE9, the TOC is non-functional after clicking a hyperlink to a PDF (opens same frame) within the project.
Output: Mobile 52592 Problem: Mobile Help: Sitemaps do not include the "Basic" and "Advanced" folders in their path, making them unusable.
Output: Native PDF 51475, 52442 Problem: Unwanted auto-hyphenation problem when you have a lot of index numbers for one index term.
Output: Native PDF 51445 Problem: Some imported images do not show in PDF output but do in the editor and other outputs.
Output: Native PDF 44712 Problem: Wrong page numbers in Print TOC for two topics that start with the same word.
Output: Native PDF 52036 Problem: Extra lines in snippet using divs cause issue with our Pagination algorithm for PDF.
Output: Native PDF 45010 Problem: Links to bookmarks within the same topic create broken links when using "Generate multiple documents for native PDF/XPS outputs" in the target.
Output: Native PDF 52852 Problem: Relative links which go up (backwards) one or more levels do not work for PDF output hosted on a web server using Firefox browser
Output: Native PDF 53371 Problem: Page break is causing text to appear in XML editor and PDF output twice when used in this specific context.
Output: Native PDF 52227 Problem: There are missing spaces between index term and "See" references
Output: Native PDF 44945 Problem: Error: "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" when generating the PDF output for this project.
Output: Native PDF 26403 Problem: List items that go across a page break are missing the second line of text in PDF output.
Output: Native PDF 26733 Support for CMYK color profile option for PDF output
Output: Native PDF 53756 Problem: Jaws screen reader does not read alternative text of image in topic when project contains a TOC Proxy.
Output: Native PDF 41810 Problem: Wingdings 3 character changes to Wingdings 1 character in PDF output
Output: Native PDF 43206 Problem: When you insert 2 variables separated with a space (done with the spacebar) - The <![CDATA[ ]]> code that gets inserted compiles in the output with a wider space than is between two characters normally.
Output: Native PDF 50233, 53192 Problem: "An incorrect structure was found in the PDF file" error when extracting or doing a file compare using Adobe Acrobat for PDFs generated using option "Generate Tagged PDF"
Output: Native PDF 50652 Problem: Line breaks in the markup in a heading result in extra white space in the bookmarks pane in the PDF Viewer.
Output: Native PDF 45127 Problem: The error message "Topic was included in the Flare TOC more than once." should not be an Error message
Output: Native PDF 50984 Problem: Loss of space between a cross-reference (xref) and a variable in print output (MS Word and PDF), if variable is inserted right after a xref, then you insert a space.
Output: Native PDF 34306, 36223, 37699, 44717, 52750 Problem: "Use TOC Depths for Heading Levels" is broken due to heading in snippet
Output: Native PDF 51350 Problem: 'Continue' is using page type 'FIRST' with page layout breaks in the TOC.
Output: Native PDF 51055, 52554 Problem: When Page Layout break is used within Chapter breaks, the page count variable is incorrect in the PDF output.
Output: Web 50054 Problem: Out of memory errors when building this project.
Output: Web 46652 Problem: Registry setting to turn BOM on doesn’t work for files that are just copied, not generated.
Output: Web 52582 Sitemaps are not correct when a path that includes a file name is entered in the field
Output: Web 52284 Problem: When selecting a search term result, the topic does not scroll to the location of the found term for Chrome and Safari browsers.
Output: Web 52612 Problem: Excluding topics not linked directly or indirectly in the target causes build to crash when topic contains "*" in an href
Output: Web 46730 Problem: - BOM is not being removed from "Filters.xml" and "Synonyms.xml"
Output: Web 43698 Problem: Space not being rendered correctly.
Output: WebHelp Plus 37938 Problem: WebHelp Plus does not work on a .NET 4.0 Website
Output: Word 55591 Problem: Preserve ALT text for images in Word Output when you don’t embed the images in the document.
Output: Word 54110 Problem: Incorrect spelling of the word "height" in the MS Word build log.
Output: Word 52299 Problem: This project cannot build word output with Office 365 installed.
Output: Word 44323 Problem: Error message: "Internal error to generate .PDF files from your Word target, Word 2007 and the Save as PDF add-in is required" on a machine with Office 2010 installed.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 52144 Problem: If the </h1> is on another line(in the code), then the system variables in the footer do not show.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 44863 Problem: Error: "Parameter is not valid" Unhandled exception when opening page layout in XP and Vista
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 44675 Problem: when resizing a frame, the cursor becomes a 4-way arrow.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 26412, 46533 Problem: Drop down of page types in TOC properties editor should reflect only page types that actually exist in page layout file..
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 52058 Problem: In the page layout properties, X: and Y: should not be in the size area(Next to height and width)
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 50258 Problem: "Out of Memory Error" when selecting a SVG image file to add into an image frame
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 44676 Add support when moving or resizing frames, to show live border marks in the rulers
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 35564 Add support to identify padding in layouts with a dotted line if padding is set on a frame.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 52384 Problem: Page Layout's Align on Canvas option does not properly align frames on page.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 54432 Problem: When a Normal Page type in a Page layout file has no body frame. The output will generate another duplicate page.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 24088, 29389, 36734 Prevent the editing of additional Headers and Footers frames - only one of each is now allowed
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 38078 Problem: If you expand the page layout header window too far, the grip disappears and you can't resize the window. You have to reset the window layout.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 34491 Problem: In the Page Layout, click-dragging up and left to create new frames / hotspots does not work. Only down or right works.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 50096 Problem: When a Title Page Layout has no body frame. The output will generate another duplicate page.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 53907 Problem: Page Layout Break is not working correctly in this project.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 34925 Add support to show cross hairs on those rulers where the cursor is.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 51104 Problem: An Unhandled Exception error occurs when inserting a background image to a table cell while the table is in a frame of a page layout.
Page Layouts/Frame Contents 50974 Problem: The inch ruler in Flare UI interface is split into tenths (1/10th) instead of eighths (1/8th)
Publishing/Destinations 20248, 21675, 26568, 27299, 30072, 49758, 51668 Ability to publish to a secure FTP server - SFTP
Publishing/Destinations 25999, 36066, 36393, 40754, 44388, 51295 Ability to turn off publishing the Catapult.log.zip file
Publishing/Destinations 50561 Problem: Publishing log incorrectly reports stale files as 'removed' when the "Remove stale files" option is disabled.
Registration/Activation 51368 Problem: "Connecting to server in [10-9-8-count down]" is not needed when using a floating license.
Registration/Activation 53709 Problem: "There was an error connecting to the registration server". When attempting to register a product.
Relationship Tables 32341 Problem: Relationship table page resets back to the top each time an edit is made in a scrolled region.
Relationship Tables 39499, 44881 Ability to "Freeze" column titles so they are always shown at the top of the Relationship Tables Editor no matter how far down you scroll
Reports 54207 Problem: After archiving a report for "Topics not in any TOC", re-generating a report includes archived results.
Search 50885 Problem: After clicking OK on the "Invalid token" message, the "Loading" stays on top of the search results area forever.
Search 47342, 50747 Add support for better search in WebHelp output, e.g. partial-word matches and other options
Search Filters 43735 Problem: Select Concepts for Search Filter dialog does not resize correctly and the [OK] [CANCEL]buttons overlap the text areas.
Skins 45745, 50734 Problem: No ability to remove unused items in the Skin file.
Skins 50395 Problem: Missing styles and pseudo classes for Search Result Link in the HTML5 skin. Active, Focus, hover, link, visited Now "Underline" property for the Font.
Skins 50191 Problem: When creating a toolbar button in the HTML5 Skin with a combination of "text number text"(e.g. hello 2 me) and added to the selected column, it throws an "object reference error" after preview is selected
Skins 51022 Problem: Not able to add a space back into the UI Text for the Search Heading of the HTML5 skin.
Skins 52196 Problem: Preview of modified skin causes "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" error.
Snippets 53638 Problem: Snippets with Headings in them are problematic (Online Outputs). When linked to, they do not work.
Snippets 50227 Problem: Div with a mc-auto-number-format contained in a snippet will generate the mc-auto-number-format in each p contained in a div
Source Control 53128, 54585 Problem: Clicking Refresh in Pending Check Ins window causes Flare to lose the ADD status to new files for Subversion
Source Control 43395 Problem: Flare hangs for a long time when you lose your connection to the network and your using Source Control.
Source Control 51281 Problem: Flare 8 crashes if open file is committed to SVN from Windows file manager and working with SVN out of Flare
Source Control 53955 An option to “Never prompt to get latest” when opening a Flare project so that you are not prompted at all when opening a project.
Source Control 53908 Problem: When project is bound to Subversion, Object reference error when using Merge Tool to resolve conflicts of TOC items
Source Control 51086 Problem: When copying a topic and adding it to source control, the option "Keep Checked Out" does not add the "check out" icon to the file
Source Control 52908 Problem: Renaming a file in Flare will cause the file to not appear in pending Check-Ins window using SVN
Source Control 42011 Problem: Supplying a user that has limited permissions, will get you stuck in our new authentication dialog. No way to enter in new credentials short of deleting registry settings.
Source Control 44249 Problem: When unzipping a Flare Project Zip for a Project that was bound to TFS, a "No working folder mapping" error with a stack trace occurs
Spell Check/Dictionaries 22384 Problem: Words with opening or closing parentheses and other "paired punctuation" are flagged as misspelled.
Styles/Stylesheets 52864 Problem: In the Advanced View of the Stylesheet Editor, the filter to "Show Auto-Numbered Styles" do not list style classes using mc-auto-number-format if the related parent style is not an auto-numbered style.
Styles/Stylesheets 14935, 28521, 34808, 36784, 38356, 49998 51033 Problem: Flare alters the location of Comments in the style sheet when edited in the UI.
Styles/Stylesheets 53059 Problem: Compiler strips out media queries when "Replace reserved characters with underscores in filenames" and "Use Lowercase filenames" are checked.
Styles/Stylesheets 52552 Problem: Paragraphs which have mc-hyphenate set to never and white-space set to pre-wrap is not respected which results in hyphens being included - this alters the 'code' displayed
Styles/Stylesheets 52381 Problem: The CSS3 selector "a[href$=".pdf"]" does not work in Flare, it must be added to the stylesheet in the output.
Table Styles 52769 Problem: Paragraph styles are getting over written by Table Stylesheet when a font is set in it.
Table Styles 52949 Problem: Nested table should not inherit styles (color and font) from parent tablestyle if it has its own color and font settings.
Tables 50958 Problem: Merging cells on tables that cross page breaks causes additional white space to be added to the bottom of each page - Layout (print)
Tables 44966 Problem: Applying a span to text in a table cell removes the TD tags and creates bad XML.
Tables 44526 Problem: "Font-weight: normal;" is causing paragraph formatting inside of tables to be lost.
Tables 46162 Problem: a single table, selected in the XML Editor, cannot be "grouped" through the UI
Tables 51502 Problem: The table looses the <td> surrounding the text when applying a span class to the text in td.
Tables 44799 Problem: When a table row continues to the next page, there should not be a line "as if" it were the end of the row.
Tables 51597 Problem: When applying a condition to all of the text within a table cell, the condition gets applied to the td cell and does not show up in the XML Editor and does not get used.
Tables 44322 Problem: You can break a table by assigning a span class to text in a table cell. (If its not in a P)
Tables 50591 Problem: Table Footer Border is lost when Cells in preceding rows are merged.
Tables 45415 Problem: Not able to press Enter to close the dialog in the Table Properties window
Targets 47518 Problem: If you type a complex Conditions expression in the Target in Notepad the UI deletes it when you edit the conditions in the target.
Targets 53917 Problem: Target with invalid markup completely breaks the Select Target dropdown when trying to select a target in that project from another project for the purposes of merging.
Targets 50953 Problem: Communications with the destinations delays opening, editing, and closing of Batch Targets
Targets 54399 Problem: We are not reporting any errors when doing a command line build when the target is not defined in Flare.
Toolbars / Menus 47447 Added more character options in the Insert Character menu.
Tools/Options 44188, 45299 Ability to store or make a library of Special Characters instead of the single quick character.
Track Changes 52482 Problem: Cannot add a topic to a review package via the Wizard that has track changes that have not been accepted/declined.
Track Changes 51136 Problem: Output is showing tracked changes in snippets.
UI Cleanup 53419 Problem: When the XML editor is in Print Layout, the ruler on the top in inches is missing the half inch markers from 6, 7 and 8 inch.
Variables 34754 Problem: Output does not honor that space between a tag and a variable.
Variables 50160 Problem: When creating a new variable, unnecessary markup is added.
Variables 35492 Ability to insert non-breaking spaces in Variables and in X-Refs to make sure the line doesn’t break in the middle.
Variables 51719 Problem: Space missing between variables when the variables are italicized.
XML / XHTML Code 44989 Problem: We format the XML code differently if a project file (TOC, Target, etc..) is saved via direct save or indirect save
XML Editor 52486 Problem: Spaces are ignored when the span and basic text are highlighted and replaced
XML Editor 27931, 28743, 35924, 44641 Add support for Flare have a split pane mode that shows the text editor on one side and WYSIWYG on the other. It would highlight the code in either actively.
XML Editor 50072 Problem: Arabic is a scripted language. The editor and PDF outputs are showing characters (no scripting).
XML Editor 45221 Problem: When you try to apply a character style to (e.g. Bold) to a line of text with a variable with a space after it in the middle, the first character does not get applied with the style
XML Editor 44674 Problem: Vertical ruler does not always scroll
XML Editor 6121, 11456, 22543, 23541, 27395, 33040, 41442, 44315, Support for CTRL+Delete and CTRL+Backspace shortcuts for deleting text
XML Editor 50613 Problem: Dragging an image into a paragraph in the same cell causes the image to call outside of the table.
XML Editor 36990 Problem: Flare inserts a space inside of a CDATA tag as well as a normal space when trying to insert a space between two variables. The result is an extra space in PDF output.
XML Editor 44424 Problem: Difficult to access conditions from the context menu when using the mouse to select text.
XML Editor 53452 Problem: Crash when applying inline formatting to a nested list item in this file.
XML Editor 53613 Problem: Error: "Unidentified Function 'counter(li,decimal)' in CSS content property." when opening this topic.
XML Editor 30503, 35686, 43013, 43608, 53323 Add support for keyboard shortcut to have ”Apply Condition” dialog popup
XML Editor 52427 Problem: !Home | Unformat option does not remove inline formatting applied to this table
XML Editor 29073 Problem: Customer wants an cursor position indicator in the top ruler to show where the cursor is at in the line.
XML Editor 52000 Problem: Cursor is in different positions when opening topics if the Heading starts with a bookmark or not.
XML Editor 37949 Problem: Space between an image and a bold word do not reflect on XML Editor and therefore print output
XML Editor 26862 Problem: There is no way 'unbind' or remove a toggler link without deleting all the text.
XML Editor 54300 Problem: Topics JUMP when clicking in them if they start with a Bookmark or index entry.
XML Editor: Print Layout 52434 Problem: Snippet not visible at page break in Layout (print).
XML Editor: Print Layout 53046 Problem: Text is incorrectly wrapping at a comma when there is no space that follows the comma.
Zip Project 47419 Problem: ! File | Zip | Zip Project command should strip out any source control information from the zipped Flare project


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