MadCap Lingo 3.0.1 Release Notes

Article #: GEN1005L  Product: MadCap Lingo   Version: 3.0.1


A list of issues addressed in MadCap Lingo V3.0.1

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The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are addressed in Lingo V3.0.1. Some issues are project specific, or may have occurred only in a beta version of the software. Other issues logged by the MadCap QA team are not listed in the table below.

MadCap Lingo V3.0.1 Release Notes

Area Issue Resolution
Align Failed to create the Align Project: Exception of type 'System.outOfMemoryException' was thrown. Fixed
Diff Diff project crashes when user applies TM to project. Fixed
Diff Diff project Crashes when I apply TM to project. Fixed
Diff We are not showing newly added Target and Skin files when creating a Diff project. Fixed
Diff Segments are missing when opening a new Diff for this lingo project. Fixed
Exporting Folder Prop files are not exported to Flare. Fixed
Exporting Hotspot with periods "." are not exported correctly to Flare. Fixed
Exporting Cannot export this project to Flare Fixed
Exporting Folder conditions are missing after exporting to Flare. Fixed
Exporting Images are blank when exporting to Flare. Fixed
Exporting Index terms are not updating in topics Fixed
Exporting Lingo does not export translated TOC entries if the entry contains an ampersand or the HTML code for an ampersand Fixed
Exporting Conditions are not being imported correctly. Fixed
General IndexList not saved on second and higher save count. Fixed
General Getting error when upgrading Lingo project from V1.5 to V3.0 Fixed
General Index stops applying to topics at segment 1921 in the Index file. Fixed
General We don't show condition colors in Lingo Fixed
Import Cannot open this Flare project in Lingo. Fixed
Import Error when opening this project in Lingo. Failed to copy the source project: Unexpected end of file while parsing CDATA as occurred. Line1, position 816. Fixed
Import Lingo needs to Unbind any Flare project when its imported. Currently a bound project maintains is binding when exported from Lingo and users are prompted to 'get latest'. Fixed
Import Nested Span tags make this topic un-readable in Lingo in Visual mode. Fixed
Import Opening this Flare project in Lingo causes a CDATA error. Unexpected End of file while parsing CDATA. Fixed
Import These topics cause problems in lingo and cannot be opened. Fixed
Import: TMX Importing a TMX into a TM - Shows negative numbers in the progress dialog. Fixed
Import: TMX Object Reference not set to an instance of an object Fixed
Multi-Files Lingo is updating both the index and concept files making one of them useless for updating topics.  
Project Packager Error: "Problem(s) in background thread: The META start tag on line 2 does not match the end tag of "html" line position 3. System.XML.XMLException Fixed
Project Packager Error: "Problem(s) in background thread: The META start tag on line 2 does not match the end tag of "html" line position 3. System.XML.XMLException Fixed
Project Packager Problem: Completed translation bundle does not successfully merge Fixed
Project Packager Lingo Crashes when attempting to Merge a Translation bundle. Fixed
Term Base CTRL+C or copy should be able to copy and paste (duplicate) a term Fixed
TM Editor Failed to open startup file: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index Fixed
UI Customer requests that the New Project wizard either default the column size for the project or put the name of the project in a new column vs the address. Fixed


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April 27, 2010


Neal Pozner

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