MadCap Lingo V7 Release Notes

Article #: GEN1012L Product:Lingo Version: 7

Bug Fixes:

The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are addressed in Lingo V7. Some issues are project specific, or may have occurred only in a beta version of the software. Other issues logged by the MadCap QA team are not listed in the table below.

Bug Area Description
53465 Topic/Inline Editor Back Slashes are displayed incorrectly in Lingo.
53492 Align Attempting to Align the attached files gives no result.
37314 UI Can no longer scroll the list if you click on the 'Source' side
52702 General Segments which were intentionally NOT translated and marked as "Accepted" in previous versions become "Untranslated" when upgrading
19463 File List Filter settings in file list is not remembered between Lingo sessions
53395 Project Packager Trados 2007 translated bundle causes background thread error when brought into Lingo V6
54879 Import/New/Open Project topic file in project segments incorrectly in Lingo and results in incorrectly formed XML topic when exported to Flare project
55748 Diff Setting the minimum matches for suggestions to 100% is not working correctly after doing a Diff (Project Update)
32271 Import/New/Open Project Vietnamese is not in the list of Target Languages when creating a new project
50372 Align Lingo Align Tool dropped spaces in MS Word documents
50851 Import/New/Open Project "Support Right to Left languages(E.g. Arabic or Hebrew)
55806 Import/New/Open Project We need to ensure that <seg-source> always contains <mrk> elements
41387 TermBase importing this particular TBX fails with an error
50473 Exporting After translating the indexmap, the change to a segment does not get rendered after exporting the target back to Flare
52271 Import TMX Comments show up in the Translation Memory causing the TM not to work on those segments
52297 TermBase Pane Translating segments becomes impossible with the TermBase window open
52550 Diff Problem in Background thread: The span start tag on line 7 position 25 does not match the end tag of 'p'. Line 8 positon 11
43892 Topic/Inline Editor Lingo doesn’t trim preceding spaces in segments
38207 Diff If files are read only (for example, have been checked into source control) a System Unauthorized Access Exception error is thown
51994 Align Align will go through the process of aligning files with no encoding, but will not bring up the file in the File Map pane
52436 Import/New/Open Project Inline snippets are not shown in Lingo UI to be translated
53387 File List When the status of a topic is set to "Reviewed". It does not change to "in progess" when the topic is changed in Flare
54807 Diff Deleted topics are not removed from Lingo project after an update
53783 Topic/Inline Editor Crash when switching to second page after accepting multiple translations
50829 Exporting Unable to export project to MS Word
39868 Topic/Inline Editor translations can be accepted with mismatched tags under some circumstances
40422 Exporting Lingo does not export conditions for non-Flare files
40428 Diff Changes in Project Properties are not found by Lingo when Updating a project
40490 Exporting Spaces missing after exporting project to Flare
40771 SRX Editor modify default segmentation rules for certain abbreviations
52479 Exporting Weird characters show in <source> element of the xlf (xliff) bundle package affecting SDL Studio
25948 TM Editor There needs to be a way to delete a translation memory database from the GUI
54547 Project Packager "When merging the bundle to the project it throws an error. Of ""background thread: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.[System.NullReferenceException]"""
52690 Import/New/Open Project Lingo v6 segmentation of some files with line breaks <br />, colons (:) and semicolons (;) causes error: "The tags in the translation are out of order"
55546 Diff We get a background thread error when updating the Lingo project(Flare project included)
49818 Topic/Inline Editor Using a Denmark keyboard, characters that require the use of the [AltGr] key cannot be entered into the editor. Characters include @ Ј $ Ђ { [ ] } |
50043 TM SQL Words which are the same for source and target cannot be uploaded to the Translation Memory
52326 Import/New/Open Project A snippet file does not show in the File List in Lingo if the snippets has content only within the HTML <body> element
51327 Tools / Options No option to automatically accept all "Exact Matches" for segments in Lingo
53272 Import/New/Open Project Lingo is converting <br /> into segments that look like "=> p.1 ff" - After exporting back to Flare, the XML is invalid
52591 Import/New/Open Project "When opening a topic in the Translation Editor and there is a mismatched segment as the first segment, nothing is shown in the translation field
46546 File List Opening a file for editing does not keep the file in the file list highlighted
55639 Import/New/Open Project When importing a german topic, the abbreviation u. v. a. gets split up into different segments
54613 Project Packager Special characters are converted into an hmtl code when creating a translation bundle
55248 Import/New/Open Project Upgrading Lingo v5 project to current version project causes error "The tags in the translation and in the original do not match"
43555 Diff Lingo needs to IGNORE SVN folders when doing project UPDATES
52357 Project Packager If the Bundle has additional root folders between the .zip and the translated files, you get a no relevent files message when importing the bundle back into the project
52464 Import/New/Open Project Spell-Checking tool is no longer available for projects set to Spanish (Mexico) (and other sub-languages as well) when it was available previously


Last updated:

April 1, 2013


Rob Hollinger