Flare 2018 r2 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1060F  Product: Flare   Version: 2018 r2


The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are fixed in Flare 2018 r2.

Full Description:

Build 14.1.6875

Release Date: 10/31/2018

ID Title Area
89841 Error when saving non-topic files with non-breaking hyphens Characters/Quick Character
138904 Flare Hard Crashes When Moving a Folder with an Apostrophe Content/Project Explorer
142443 Help Topic link does not work for Target option to Synchronize navigation elements with TOC entries Documentation
114190 An information indicator in the Target Editor > Skin Tab that describes what a "Media Query" is. Documentation
144907 Clarify thatImage Properties > Print Size applies applies to targets set to print medium Documentation
141027 Paste into a file opened from Find Pane does not work Find/Find & Replace
54191 Resizing of SVG images are causing "Failed to copy and resize image: Out of Memory" errors during the build Images/Multimedia
117151 Image is missing only in the print output and print layout Images/Multimedia
138622 Cannot import CSS from Doc-To-Help projects created in D2H 5 Import: Doc-to-Help
129774 Image resolutions change after editing an image in Flare with Capture on Netherland/German systems Integration: Capture
140049 Connections to Centrals Git repos are bypassing proxy settings Integration: MadCap Central
143398 File Reviews pane: Sent Files: (refresh issue) User has to manually refresh the pane to see the file go away after closing it Integration: MadCap Central
144341 Object Reference Error when opening any file with Link Viewer Pane active Link Viewer
132624 If a bookmark's name is in Hebrew and the cross-reference is in the same topic, the cross-reference text will be the same as the first heading on the topic Links: X-Refs
137224 List of Tables does not list page number for multi-page table where caption is set to bottom List of/List of Proxies
136075 Ordered List formats from Custom List Formats are no longer formatted correctly Lists
140911 Cannot Combine Numbered List with ")" Character with Custom List Format Lists
132709 Support for Git through TFS None
103134 Perforce integration: ability to bind a project to a stream within another stream None
144491 Update libgit2sharp.dll to newer version None
124245 Cloud Forge for Git Integration None
129620 GIT: Ability to delete a pending add file without first committing in a git bound project. None
131746 Upgrade the JQuery files to version 3.0.0 or latest version Output: HTML5
88307 HTML 5 Index Search is slow and laggy with large indexes (HP issue we .dll Patched) Output: HTML5
142077 Having a System.LinkedHeader variable as a label in the TOC and custom toolbar button is causing the build to fail with object reference error Output: HTML5
143539 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (Veracode) Output: HTML5
49608 HTML5 output not working on a linux box with both the do not use content folder in output and use lowercase filenames options enabled Output: HTML5
49941 Output does not work on unix based servers if checking "Use lowercase file names" AND "Do not use Content' folder are checked in the target. Output: HTML5
138083 Headings that contain an umlaut cause the fixed side menu highlight functionality to break in Chrome and Firefox Output: HTML5
138204 Topic linked directly in the topic using object tags does not appear in the output if "exclude content not linked directly or indirectly from the target is selected" Output: HTML5
103832 When 'Do Not Use Content Folder' and 'Use Lowercase Filenames' are selected in HTML5 output, the Default.htm is still referring to Resources Output: HTML5
141082 Next/Previous buttons don't work correctly in merged Flare projects Output: HTML5
132197 HTML5 Targets allow DOM Cross Site Scripting Output: HTML5
141113 Project with external script link to Google Tag Manager cannot build when "use lowercase filenames" option in target is selected Output: HTML5
129782 HTML5 Build fails if auto-converting Glossary Term contains an ampersand (&) and the Class is set to Expanding Output: HTML5
141294 Incorrect TOC structure displayed in HTML5 Tripane merged output withAutoSync TOC Output: HTML5
134799 Cross-Site Scripting XSS Flagged in our HTML5 Tripane output using Veracode Output: HTML5
139072 Japanese Computed Sub Entries Do Not Take You to the Selected Heading in HTML5 Tripane output Output: HTML5
118488 Auto-number On Span Does Not Work in HTML5 Output if autonumbering is not used in paragraphs or divs elsewhere on the topic Output: HTML5
140844 Security Vulnerability - HTML5 OnMessage Method Does not Check the Origins of the Message Output: HTML5
136097 Fortify Scan generating Critical Errors Output: HTML5
82755 Linux server show empty frames (404 error) when target has "use lowercase filenames" and "Do not use "Content" folder in output" selected Output: HTML5
134484 Flare 12 and above is very slow for topics with long strings of text when building HTML5 output Output: HTML5
138507 Drilldown Slide Out SubMenu with long list of entries overlap previous level of entries when scrolling Output: HTML5
125137 HTML5 Top Navigation Output Automatically Opens Then Closes Drop-Downs Output: HTML5 Frameless
141823 Top nav sub-menu displaying long TOC label can go beyond right edge of screen when built with Flare 2018 Output: HTML5 Frameless
141799 Bookmark link target loads as scrolled behind header in HTML5 side navigation output when Fixed Header is set to "Web" Output: HTML5 Frameless
139261 When two language buttons are inserted in two separate topic toolbars, the Select Language drop-down only appears below one of the buttons Output: Multi-Lingual
141393 Not able to link to multilingual target/output via runtime merging from TOC Output: Multi-Lingual
113344 Korean text is not in the output for PDF output on a windows 10 machine Output: Native PDF
129971 Security Warnings using Veracode Scanning - Cross Site scripting in MadCapAll.js Output: Web
130914 Update for jQuery Known Weakness in Flare 2017 r2 Output: Web
22714 Command Line build results in out of memory exception Output: Web
141265 TOC Entry and Glossary Definition styles are missing from Navigation Section ofHTML5 Tripane Skin Styles Skins
117763 Top Nav Menu Items maintain background hover color but not text hover color when drilling down to deeper menu Skins
137803 VSTS does not bind in Flare when created on certain computers Source Control
121741 Git - Merge Branches Source Control
101402 A third option (link) besides Import and Bind when trying to connect a Flare project to a Source Control provider Source Control
132407 Unable to bind project to Gitlab due to error "Failed to start SSH session: Unable to Exchange Encryption Keys" Source Control
144750 Branching support for Git bound projects Source Control
137828 Unable to bind to BitBucket repository using https when BitBucket account is authenticated via OAuth with Google account Source Control
90079 Perforce Integration: Show out-of-date icons in the Flare UI. Source Control
90432 Perforce: Option to bind to classic depots in Perforce. Source Control
95987 Cannot merge branches in Git bound projects Source Control
97439 Need a way to revert deleted files in project bound to Source Control Source Control
134797 Cannot bind project to BitBucket using SSH Source Control: Git
130175 GIT repository through Visual Studio fails on Login Authentication Source Control: Git
133197 Not able to import or bind project to Git repo hosted by TFS 2017 Source Control: Git
142867 Source Control-Git: Deleted branch showing up locally after syncronizing Source Control: Git
135922 Unable to import projects from Git repo hosted in Visual Studio Online using SSH Source Control: Git
132986 No longer able to push or import from Cloudforge Git via https Source Control: Git
141535 Source Control: Perforce- Files come in as pending add when opening a shared P4V bound project Source Control: Perforce
44249 When unzipping a Flare Project Zip for a Project that was bound to TFS Source Control: TFS
143406 Unable to check in .mccot contributor template file to TFS repository Source Control: TFS
142780 TFS Error Message Typo 'Version Control Client Could Not Be Intialized" Source Control: TFS
138008 Pressing enter after entering a value in the Row Repeat text box of Table Style editor causes Flare to hard crash Table Styles
138022 File Tag Added to Image Corrupts the Image Tagging
142569 Topics do not appear under the correct TOC book when another TOC is used for runtime merging TOC
141446 Cannot disable warning 10032 for GhostScript installation Tools/Options
141243 "Object reference" error when building this PDF with preserve tracked changes enabled Track Changes: Output
140284 Snippet variable using a nested variable definition causes build to fail Variables
114031 Corrupted FontSets.mcfst causes Flare to throw “System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException” during launch Windows/Windows Layouts
38087 Snippets that include auto-numbers do not have the auto-numbers displayed when inserted into a topic in the XML Editor XML Editor
138339 Snippet with div set to position: absolute inserted at the bottom of the topic causes an object reference error in the Print layout of the XML editor XML Editor: Print Layout



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October 31, 2018


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