Flare 2019 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1061F  Product: Flare   Version: 2019


The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are fixed in Flare 2019.

Full Description:

Build 15.0.7081

Release Date: 5/28/2019

ID Title Area
149445 Enter key does not insert new line in Equation Editor Equations
149739 Viewing a target from the ribbon after specifying a browser is causing that target to be viewed when viewing other targets. Framework / MDI
148070 Large popup images have top cut off in side nav Images/Multimedia
150149 Popup images are not expanding fullscreen Images/Multimedia
95688 HTML5 index entry will not expand if it contains the sub-keyword "length" Index/Index Proxies/Klinks
149669 Cross-reference to a bookmark in a table does not jump to bookmark Links: X-Refs
149750 More than six Japanese characters entered as a phrase for Micro content throws an "object reference error" when MadCap search is used Micro Content
108965 Not able to open second popup on a page until the first popup is closed in HTML5 output Output: HTML5
149680 Popup image cut off at the top of Side Nav output Output: HTML5 Frameless
149905 Thumbnails are not displaying in the middle of the screen when they are at the top or bottom of the screen Output: HTML5 Frameless
150318 Language Selector option for "Korean" uses "North Korean" dialect Output: Multi-Lingual
149215 Buttons no longer appear for some Plug-ins in Ribbon mode Plugins API
150070 Buttons no longer appear for some Plug-ins in Tool strip mode Plugins API
150685 CurrentEditorView returned by API is incorrect if document is opened by OpenDocument Plugins API
98966 Getting stuck resolving changes after renaming folder that contains conflicting changes (Git) Source Control: Git
150286 Cannot check in any files if Git is in a tree conflict Source Control: Git
149335 Certain Quick Access Toolbar buttons are not saved from session to session Toolbars / Menus


Build 15.0.7027

Release Date: 4/1/2019

ID Title Area
145194 Incorrect Feature Translations in German Build Pane Builds Window
145136 Topics for Browse Sequences state they are not supported in HTML5 Side and Top Navigation but they can be linked to a menu proxy in these outputs Documentation
147536 Documentation: no specification that page layouts should only contain 1 of each page type Documentation
143645 Accessibility documentation says you can add Alt Text to a Dropdown but doesn't say how/where Documentation
145487 Copy sharepoint folder to a project is returning an exception URL not a local file External Resources/File Synching
145319 Synchronizing a Folder in External Resources to SharePoint Causes URL Not a Local File Exception External Resources/File Synching
131122 Selecting an accent color in the Windows 10 colors setting causes display issues Framework / MDI
146125 HIDPI-Options section in the insert multimedia is cutoff at the bottom HiDPI
145485 Generate resized copies of scaled images option is not working for SVG images Images/Multimedia
22032 Map area of an imagemap lives outside of the <body> Images/Multimedia
113651 "Cancel" button not working for this file on Convert to XML Wizard bar. Import: HTML/XML
145403 Deleting item from Unused Items pane does not delete when project is bound to source control Integration: Analyzer
144476 Central Reviews: MadCap Central close review of topics with same filename (duplicate filename) Integration: MadCap Central
147719 Salesforce - Record type is not able to be selected after entering credentials until destination is closed and reopened Integration: SalesForce
94966 HTML5 output: Hyperlinks do not go to bookmark location in Firefox in this project Links: Hyperlinks/Bookmarks
145767 pageref Displays Incorrect Page when Cross Reference to Bookmarked Table Caption Links: X-Refs
145810 Cross-reference to a page bookmark jumps to the top of the page in Side Navigation output Links: X-Refs
145889 SideNav - Clicking on an anchor link from another topic does not scroll to the anchor in IE11 and Edge Links: X-Refs
42635 An "onLoad" attribute in the <body> tag a master page doesn't get copied to the topics in output Master Pages
146436 Micro Content - No option to add link / remove link to response in local toolbar Micro Content
143489 Micro Content - MadCap search: Snippet Responses are shown with a link in the output Micro Content
51933 Custom buttons for the HTML5 skin which have a space in the button name cannot be styled/configured. Output: HTML5
145781 Left-aligned top navigation sub-menus can go beyond the left edge of the viewport if long enough Output: HTML5 Frameless
144139 SideNav - IE11 shows an "X" over the search filter icon when clicking into the search field after searching with a filter selected Output: HTML5 Frameless
114607 First click on links to bookmarks within dropdowns in the same topic do not jump to the bookmarked location - HTML5 Top Navigation (mobile / tablet view) Output: HTML5 Frameless
123611 <aside> elements in content take on responsive TOC aside properties and overlap top nav responsive TOC Output: HTML5 Frameless
85231 Image is still being reduced in size in PDF output Output: Native PDF
125817 Hyperlink to a bookmark within a dropdown changes focus to the bottom of the topic when viewed in tablet mode on Firefox browser Output: Web
119093 An "onLoad" attribute in the <body> doesn't get copied to the topics in output Output: Web
145393 Object reference error when publishing to TFS Publishing/Destinations
142871 Quick Launch field no longer highlights first result while typing file search query Quick Launch
146344 Searching for only a blank space causes navigation menu to disappear - MadCap Search Search
142413 Spaces removed in search result abstract for variables and span styles on Elasticsearch output Search: Elasticsearch
140602 Elasticsearch - Everything is searchable when "Do not use Content folder is output" is selected Search: Elasticsearch
139935 Elasticsearch - Description is not being used as an abstract in search results page. Search: Elasticsearch
121298 When the value for a UI Text string is changed in the default language, the change is inherited by all other languages Skins
98783 When there is no default background gradient, reset to default will write transparent to the file - and override other settings Skins
44840 Not able to see full path of the Projects on the Start Page. Start Page
43560 Start page should not list projects that have been deleted. Start Page
30427 Customer requests the start page have tool tips that list out the whole project path when hovering over the recent projects list. Start Page
139311 CSS Variable Styles Not Applying Styles/Stylesheet
47060 When specifying the output file name in the target editor, anything after the dot will be truncated and removed from the filename in the output Targets
144259 Filenames that contain periods are truncated(CHM) Targets
50218 When designating an output file name that includes a period, it will truncate anything after the period. Targets
145252 Post build events still run after a build fail Targets
145770 Use lowercase filenames option affects value of font-face src in the stylesheet Targets
139447 When cleaning a project, if enough targets have been built, prompt to confirm extends off screen with no way to scroll or resize the window Targets
138033 Build fails with object reference error when custom toolbar button name contains parentheses Topic Toolbar
144751 Auto hiding panes (Builds and Messages) causes Exception when opening Flare Windows/Windows Layouts



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May 28, 2019


Steven Moreno

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MadCap QA