Flare 2020 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1063F  Product: Flare   Version: Flare 2020


Build 16.0.7426

Release Date: 5/5/2020

New Features

  • Context-Sensitive Help with Micro Content
  • Micro Content Conditions and Variables
  • Private Output Integration with MadCap Central
  • Code Snippets with Syntax Highlighting
  • Collapse and Expand Tags in XML Editor
  • Find and Replace Text and Elements
  • MadCap Connect for ServiceNow®

Structural Changes for HTML5 Output

The structure in HTML5 output has changed a little for this release to support private output integration with MadCap Central.

A div with a style class central-dropdown has been inserted for HTML5 output. It contains other HTML elements that contain links to Central. This element exists in various parts of the output to support top navigation, side navigation, and tripane for all mediums. This element will not be visible in HTML5 output until it is made a private output while hosted on MadCap Central.

For tripane output, a new div element (search-account-container) was added and it contains the search bar and Central account element. This account element is in the menu-icon-container div in tablet and mobile medium.

For side navigation output, the Central account element was added to the nav-search-wrapper div. For top navigation output, the Central account element was added to the navigation-wrapper div. This account element is also included in the menu-icon-container div in tablet and mobile medium for both types of outputs.

The location of generated micro content files has also been moved for this release. In previous releases, the generated micro content files were in a flat list in the MicroContent folder in the output. The micro content files are now organized in that folder to match its respective .flmco file location in the project’s content folder.

JavaScript Changes for HTML5 Output

A refactor was made for the JavaScript used for HTML5 output. This was done to ensure cross-frame related code is only included in the generated output when needed. For example, cross-frame related code is included for HTML5 tripane output but not in top or side navigation output. However, top and side navigation output will include the cross-frame related code when needed, such as when MadCap Pulse is integrated with the output. As a result of this change, the condensed JavaScript file (MadCapAll.js) is created upon compile and is no longer a static file in the Flare resources folder.

Bug Fixes

The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are fixed in Flare 2020. This release we focused on improving the find and replace functionality along with other feature additions to Flare 2020. To read more about the new features, please visit our What's New topic.

Central Integration Fixes

129329 - Pushing to Central causes changes to get lost if they are not committed to original Git SCM

157892 - Cannot reorder columns in the file reviews window

158810 - Unable to push changes to central after second user imports project and use git.exe is enabled

Find and Replace Fixes

Added an option to save a backup of unopened changed files and many fixes for performance, including enhanced support for regular expressions when using Find and Replace.

Bugs fixedClosed 6573, 9964, 11439, 19518, 20691, 21665, 25540, 27829, 27968, 28367, 29226, 29519, 29583, 29813, 29814, 29991, 30625, 30638, 30677, 32562, 34011, 34658, 34746, 35104, 35373, 36012, 36107, 36239, 37816, 38254, 38884, 39612, 41654, 42741, 43009, 43353, 43660, 43962, 44159, 44612, 44950, 45562, 45822, 45824, 46037, 46081, 49993, 50271, 50274, 50460, 50556, 50610, 50649, 50956, 51269, 54212, 55179, 55919, 55945, 56207, 56425, 75721, 79435, 79468, 79493, 88268, 89399, 97796, 97832, 98354, 102206, 108055, 110815, 113992, 119478, 128103, 145815, 157379 

HTML5 Output Bug Fixes

  • 56995 - Removing search highlight from output hides the second portion of the term
  • 101152 - Top navigation menu only displays a list of items as long as the topic (once the topic is longer than a page).
  • 102240 - Security vulnerability with postmessage broadcast in JavaScript files for top and side navigation outputs
  • 103268 - If HTML5 output is in tablet view and the responsive is opened, the sidebar gets stuck when the help is re-sized to full screen
  • 135200 - Broken search result links in IE if search results contain double quotes and output is hosted on Apache Tomcat server
  • 148216 - Broken search results in HTML5 output hosted in Apache Tomcat server when using a backslash character
  • 150438, 152389 - Search and auto-complete suggestions for Japanese characters in Elasticsearch output does not work correctly
  • 150773 - Not able to exclude micro content responses by excluding condition applied to HTML tag in response
  • 150993 - When micro-content is created from an element with "mc-auto-number-position: outside-head," phrase search in HTML5 output in IE fails to load
  • 153447 - Alt tags in hyperlinks in micro content Breaks in Internet Explorer (IE) Only
  • 154515 - Embedded YouTube / Vimeo videos break micro content search in IE
  • 154783 - With side navigation skin micro content with drop-down text is unsearchable in IE
  • 156849 - Underscores in micro Content file names are replaced or removed
  • 158525 - Links in micro Content open topics without skin when "Do not use 'Content' folder in output" is enabled for tripane output
  • 158695 - Micro Content title is incorrect when the linked target topic has a set title

MadCap Connect for Zendesk Fixes

  • 154486 - Unable to save Zendesk destination when Zendesk account has only one management permission group
  • 156825 - Zendesk - Unable to publish if an article was deleted in Zendesk

TFS Integration Fixes

  • 146890 - Check-in all attempts to check-in analyzer and user folder after they are deleted from the repo
  • 149600 - Zipping TFS-bound project and removing bindings removes the workspace in TFS
  • 155464 - Enter key no longer works when checking files in and out

Word Import Fixes

  • 46913 - Footnotes applied to list items are not imported correctly.
  • 154084 -Numbered headings from a Word document are wrapped in “OLl” tags after import
  • 156779 - Incorrectly mapped style class for some list items imported from a Word file
  • 157843 - Error when importing Word doc in a FIPs compliant computer/environment
  • 158031 - Word documents imported consecutively, without "Create new stylesheet" option checked, map styles incorrectly

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • 97758 - Bookmark within a snippet that was used in the snippet is not showing up as a Used Bookmark
  • 102255 - Original image isn't replaced when copying an image external to Flare to paste in place of an existing image
  • 113422 - Changing the variable definition does not update in the snippet if snippet variables were used
  • 122301, 125492, 129610, 151125, 156806 – CSS selectors are modified during compile
  • 139333 - Exception occurs when typing certain characters in the text box of the styles dropdown pane
  • 142680 - Invalid XML dialog goes to the background when clicking on Flare taskbar icon
  • 144277 - Script error from smartphone/tablet viewer for multilingual HTML5 output
  • 145263 - 158405 - Exception when applying a style to space between two words
  • 149994 - Initial search in Quick Launch is slow in large projects
  • 152468 - This project loads very slowly and hangs briefly when editing conditions and targets
  • 154355 - Assigned page layouts in TOC not being reflected in Word output
  • 154522 - Script error from Search bar component skin due to search filter customization
  • 155543 - Variables in micro content with multiple definitions do not use values assigned after the first one
  • 155769 - Salesforce destination file dirties after re-opened when using the option to log in to sandbox
  • 156514 - Fail to install Flare when FrameMaker 7 is installed
  • 157018 - Exception when re-building if disable auto-sync of all import files is not selected and Confluence import file exists

Documentation Bugs

  • 157377 - Help doesn't describe the use of mc-master-page property
  • 157567 - Missing space in Creating a TOC for Print-Based Output topic



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