Flare 2022 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1069F  Product: Flare   Version: 2022

Build 18.0.8199.36893

Release Date: 6/16/2022

New Features and Improvements

  • Micro Content proxies (FAQ, Knowledge, and Promotion)

  • Knowledge Panel

  • Meta Tag File Sets

  • Copyright metadata for PDF output

  • Toggle source control providers on or off

  • Add/edit Git ignore file

  • Updated Skin Editor UI

  • Document properties in Word Output

Bug Fixes

The changes in the Flare 2022 release focused on the addition of new Micro Content proxies, meta tag file sets, and the source control toggler. To read more about the new features, please visit our What's New topic in the online Help. The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are fixed in Flare 2022.

Customer Reported Fixes

168830 - EPS images will not embed in PDF's with Ghostscript 9.54 installed

173085 - Object reference error when building eLearning project with Two lettered acronyms in the Glossary

162548 - Relationship Tables are causing increased build times.

172344 - Publishing More Than 20 Sections to Zendesk Prevents Additional Sections From Being Created

Miscellaneous Fixes

174595 - OK and Cancel buttons can disappear in the Delete Branch prompt if the branch name in the delete remote checkbox is long enough

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