Flare 2022 r2 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1070F  Product: Flare   Version: 2022 r2

Build 18.1.8350.29377

Release Date: 11/15/2022

New Features and Improvements

  • SSO Integration with Central

  • Command Line Activation (Enterprise Floating licenses only)

  • Updated Chromium internal browser

  • Removed ability to bind/import projects from Central via SSH

  • Added ability to use ID instead of name for anchor tags

  • Marked Pulse and Feedback as Deprecated

  • HTML5 Security Vulnerabilities patched

  • Updated EULA

Bug Fixes

The changes in the Flare 2022 r2 release focused on the addition of support for SSO integration with Central. To read more about the new features, please visit our What's New topic in the online Help. The following is a list of customer-reported issues fixed in Flare 2022 r2.

Customer Reported Bugs

177549- System heading variables to be allowed in Meta descriptions in Flare 2022

174906 - CodeQL Security Vulnerabilities

174792 - Acunetix Security Vulnerability with DOMPurify v1.0.11

177241 - FAQ, Knowledge and Promotions components skins cannot be insert when Flare's UI language is other than English

177181 - Print function in HTML5 output only produces single page/what is in viewport

174978 - Unnecessary Code Added to Content After Markdown Import

173292 - Link is Incorrectly Modified After Markdown Import

175038 - Cannot Select Alias File for Clean XHTML Targets

131184 - Custom Row Style from Table Stylesheet does not work in output set to Turkish language

177846 - Cannot build Central-bound project locally without internet connection - Build error - "an error occurred while sending the request"


Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

166475 - Need a better Icon for browser windows that open in Flare.

177618 - Update ServiceNow Documentation to include Permission Changes for Rome and Beyond

174745 - Cross Reference Editor doesn't display all command filter options when UI is set to German (Cross-Reference Style Class)

164756 -Markdown import - Extra characters \[ \] appear around imported equations

150745 - Missing space between the localized {pageref} and the page number in languages that use spaces

167375 - Snippet With Invalid Syntax Does Not Display in Broken Links Report

177549 - System heading variables to be allowed in Meta descriptions in Flare 2022

175518 - ORE Thrown When Setting 'mc-auto-number-format' value in Flare's German UI

167798 - Update Options > Source Control Doc with "Show prompt to add auto-created files to source control" option




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