Embedding Images in Word output

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Flare's Word output does not embedded the images in the document.

Full Description:

When creating printed output in Flare, Flare will create the Word file and then create another directory along with that -\Resources\Images. This folder will contain all of the images that are in your Word file. If you need to send your Word file to another user you will need to send these folders also. However, this can be avoided by embedding the images into the Word document.


In order to embed the images into your Word File you will need to generate the Word output, open the document in Word, scroll to the end, and then do the following:

  1. Click on Edit, and then Select All
  2. Click On Edit, and Links. If using Word 2007, click on the Office symbol -> Prepare -> Edit Links to Files
  3. In the Links Windows that opens check Save picture in Document, and Break Link
  4. Click OK
  5. Save your Word document, and then open the folder where the document is saved. The Word output now has the images embedded in the word file.

For Office 2010, use the instructions below

  1. Select the entire document (Ctrl + A).
  2. Click File > Info.
  3. Expand the Properties on the far right side of the Info page.
  4. Click "Edit links to files".
  5. Click "Save picture in document".


Last updated:

July 6, 2010


Richard Ferrell

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Margaret Hassal, Neal Pozner, Rob Hollinger