MadCap Lingo 11 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1021L  Product: Lingo   Version: 11


The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are fixed in Lingo 11

Full Description:

Build 11.0.7114

Release Date: 6/25/2019

ID Title Area
149664 Update summary is showing new files when no new files are being added Diff
94165 Lingo removes style with a general sibling selector Export: Flare
109129 Translated flattened block snippet has extra p tags in the exported project Export: Flare
147434 Space added between image and condition tag in exported project Export: Flare
151114 Lingo strips everything after the :root in stylesheet when exporting project Export: Flare
140178 Spaces between sentences should not be preserved when translating to Japanese Exporting
118930 Add Languages List to the File List pane File List
144342 Missing files after Updating Lingo project File List
80200 Support for translated text in SVG images Import/New/Open Project
101963 File Type: JSON Import/New/Open Project
146794 "TU tag error. 'xhtml' is an undeclared prefix" error when there is an inline element (variable) nested within a span inside of a page layout frame Import: Flare
147544 "Failed to open startup file: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: <br> node not supported in xliff 1.2" when topic contains a br tag inside of a conditionalized table within a list and the condition is excluded Import: Flare
147911 When segment includes cross-reference followed by hyperlink using variable URL, variable is included as plain text and switched with cross-reference Import: Flare
149588 Micro content files are not parsed for translation Import: Flare
149887 Unable to import IDML file into Lingo "Unable to parse file.idml.xml. Unexpected end tag. Line1 position22." Import: inDesign
148954 Creating Lingo project from Word document takes hours Import: Word
149294 Lingo becomes unresponsive when trying to access Project Properties Performance
138918 Source xliff files overwritten with the latest bundled file after creating a translation bundle when file name contains period Project Packager
141498 When importing the translated bundle, Lingo adds variable tags into target segments when they are intentionally excluded Project Packager
143227 Crash when generating an xliff Bundle Project Packager
145171 Generating a bundle causes System ArgumentOutOfRangeException: "Parameter name: <MadCap:snippetBlock> node not supported in xliff 1.2" Project Packager
147413 Object Reference error when clicking Create Bundle while all panes are closed Project Packager
94801 When joining segments, the 'Mid=#' is skipped in the XLF file Split/Join
150538 Translations Suggestions are not rendering for a particular segment even with a minimum of 10% Suggestions Pane
144557 Constraint Failed: "Unique constraint Failed: Markup.segment_id.Markup.Location" when uploading a file to a local TM TM SQLite
140135 Code tags are not present in the translation editor if they're placed at the beginning or end of a segment. Topic/Inline Editor



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June 25, 2019


Steven Moreno

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MadCap QA