Lingo 11 r2 Release Notes

 Article #: GEN1021L  Product: Lingo   Version: Lingo 11 r2

New Features

  • Git for Windows Integration
  • Code Snippet Support
  • Find and Replace Improvements
  • Multilingual Project Improvements
  • Flare Project Filter Improvements

Bug Fixes

The following is a list of customer-reported issues that are fixed in Lingo 11 r2. This release, we focused on improving the integration between Flare and Lingo projects, along with improving GIT support. To read more about the new features, please visit our What's New topic.

Project Update Fixes

  • 154343 - Update fails with "'MadCap' is an undeclared prefix" error if new files are missing MadCap namespace
  • 156210 - Conditioned style classes are not being honored after a project update if filtering by target
  • 160114 - There is no cancel button in the prompt to Replace Localized Images
  • 155303 - Localized images are no longer localized and removed from the file list when replacing localized images, although the source image has not been changed

Project Export Fixes

  • 152573 - Snippets with conditions are imported without honoring topic snippet conditions and exporting conditioned out text when flattened in Lingo
  • 154159, 153380 - Some SVG images are not included for export from Lingo back to Flare
  • 160725 - Extra line breaks within a table element cause translations to not apply
  • 153544 - When exporting and overwriting from Lingo, files ending with an underscore followed by two characters are removed
  • 157423 - "\n" is replaced with a line break when exporting JSON files
  • 158301 - Exporting a Flare-based project, with a destination filename that has a period, results in export to the destination folder
  • 159578 - Spaces are not added when translating from Japanese to English
  • 160807 - Angle brackets and ampersands are returned as HTML entities in JSON files
  • 161680 - Unable to export an XML file with unique DocType formatting

Flare Settings Fixes

  • 137140 - Language skin generated in Lingo does not appear when a filter is selected
  • 154163 - Micro content is not included for translation when filtering by target
  • 156052 - Content with an excluded stylesheet class is being filtered out for translation even when an inline condition tag is set to be included
  • 157930 - Variables formatted inline or via style class lose their formatting upon export when flattened
  • 157717 - Flattened variables are not shown for translation if they're wrapped in <i>, <b>, or <strong> tags
  • 153559 - Translation unit tag error when snippet with nested inline formatting tags are flattened

Multilingual Project Fixes

  • 160424 - Keywords and concepts from the first language alphabetically are included in all languages when exporting all languages
  • 158014 - Unable to select "In Progress" files with multilingual projects when creating a bundle
  • 159859 - In some projects, some segments are not included when creating a bundle for all languages
  • 156251 - Period in the Flare project file name caused build to fail for multilingual target linked to a Lingo project

Translation Bundle Fixes

  • 152318 - Some translations from the translated bundle do not appear in the Translation Editor
  • 153208 - Sending a topic with snippet conditions shows the conditioned-out content when the translated bundle is merged back

Source Control Fixes

  • 151518 - Pulling latest files in source control on a second machine does not remove stale status for file tags
  • 161141 - Not able to update the Git-bound Lingo project if the source Flare files are from a source control location and were not bound via Lingo originally

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • 151875 - Unable to parse SVG file, reference to undeclared entity
  • 157630 - “File is not supported” error when adding a PHP file to an existing project
  • 129912 - “?” character removed when it is at the beginning of a source segment
  • 152591 - Text between two code elements does not show up for translation
  • 161563 - Unable to import XML file that includes HTML tags contained within CDATA tags
  • 149294 - Large project becomes unresponsive when trying to access project properties
  • 158126 - PHP files not available to be included for review packages
  • 158723 - If a variable is wrapped within a span at the beginning or end of a segment, a placeholder for it will not be included in the segment for translation
  • 160575 - Crash when opening a snippet/topic that has a link to a recursive snippet
  • 158635 - Crash when batch replacing many images
  • 150909 - TM suggestion incorrectly listed as 101% match when segments differ with the use of a snippet versus a variable

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